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Readers Respond: What's Your Worst Plus-Size Shopping Experience?

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Have you had a bad plus-size shopping experience in the past? Waltzed into a store and been disappointed with size selection or service? Let's chat!

Watch out for duty and tax!

As above, Eshakti has beautiful dresses at excellent prices...everything goes up to size 26...I ordered a black taffeta skirt which cost me $69.00...the courier asked for $40.00 duty and tax before he would give me the package! We Canadians get royally screwed when it comes to duty and tax...even by American online retailers...and here I thought we had a "free trade" agreement between the two countries! So I look for online retailers who charge no duty or tax on my purchases! Funny thing, my government (postal service) has never charged me any duty or tax on any of my purchases - and I am always shopping online!


I purchased some trouser socks and knee-highs, excited that someone finally sells them at a decent price for plus size. The socks rolled down about 10 minutes after I put them on, and the knee-highs were completely the wrong color. And, they charge for return shipping - which I guess is not a big deal but free returns seem pretty standard these days.
—Guest Emily

Dandelion Vintage

As you might have read on the blog, I did not have a good experience at Dandelion Vintage, where I was researching for About Plus-Size. I found the check-out system confusing and painfully old-fashioned, and the website was difficult to navigate. Please do not assume that emailing about a specific item will have it held for you. I did that, and the piece was sold to a customer who I was told later spent more, and therefore had the upper hand. Use the (almost pointless, because it doesn't accept credit card processing) "Check Out" page on the website if you do intend to buy from this shop. I do not recommend it. Please take your business to a shop that respects all customers' purchases and passion for vintage clothing. If I wanted the treatment I received, I could just go to Walmart. I'm headed back to Etsy.

Designed for giants

Most Australian stores'"larger sizes" seem to be cut for very very tall people. As the sizes go up sleeves and trousers grow longer and longer - very Jack and the beanstalk.
—Guest Beris Bradford

disappointment with a shopping experienc

I order a dress from EShakti--I love their clothing. When it arrived--it was so nice. Two weeks later I received a bill from UPS saying I owed $10 since it was sent from India. I paid it as I had no choice but I should have been told when I ordered that there was a duty fee. When I ordered a top prior to this, there was no fee as it came from Seattle. When I emailed then about this (several times) I never received a response. I would like to order another item them, but not sure since I would like to omit any duty fees. I am disappointed.
—Guest janet

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