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Readers Respond: What's the Best Plus-Size Fashion Deal You've Had?

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Have you ever got an amazing deal on plus-size fashion? Share your top score here! Mine has to be my rediscovery of my vintage clothing collection, which was *almost* tossed out two years ago. Good thing it wasn't-- I love all the pieces I have now.

Best Deal

Mine was probably last week at Lane Bryant. I love when you save more than you spent! I got a pair of Right Fit jeans, one of the super soft cardigan sweaters, and a purple sequined tank top all for $60.00! Could not believe it. It's a good thing I was on a strict budget for my holiday shopping, or the majority of my paycheck would have been gone that night! When I looked at the receipt later that night, I had saved $75.00!
—Guest Nicole

below the waisr jeans and slacks

Why are the plus size catalogues showing below the waist jeans and slacks? Plus size women need the security of a snug, natural waist rather than one that makes one feel that the garment is falling down!
—Guest gabissme

My Best Plus-Size Fashion Deal

When all hope was lost that I would find a cute summer dress with bra coverage and din't make me look pregnant, I found one on clearance at the Liz Claiborne outlet store in Florida. I normally don't go to outlet stores especially with other people, since I normally just tag along and give thumbs up or thumbs down. But when we stumbled in to Liz Claiborne, they couldn't drag me out!

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