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Readers Respond: Who Is Your Favorite Plus-Size Model?

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From the article: Plus-Size Modeling Agencies
Do you have a favorite plus-size model? My favorite is definitely Fluvia Lacerda, and I have highlighted her in many a blog post. Do you have a favorite plus-size model? Who is it?

Hands Down

Tara Lynn. Torrid model and featured by French Elle magazines. She's fierce and genuinely gorgeous. Amazing beautiful.
—Guest Anonymous

Denise Bidot

Come on now! Whhere do I start? That shape, that face, those eyes! She's a doll! Fluvia Lacerda would be next, and the cute blond chick that has both hips and curves that models for hipsandcurves.com comes third.
—Guest Michael

Without a doubt,Celina Lorenz

She's tall,she's blonde,she's got the bangin curves....And she seems like a nice person. I'm a huge fan of hers. A guy can only hope I guess.
—Guest Bryan

My Fav plus size model

I used to hate the term plus size because it made me feel fat. I like so many out there I didnt have that lucious latino type body. I adored Crystal Renn yet she dropped so much weight then I came across Louise O'R who really made me love fashion again.I moved to Oz just before the Christmas so I try to keep to date with you all in the plus size world when I can... so Im sure you know more about her than I do. It is so nice to see such lovely comments about her on this site. here is a interview link I found from home its our top TV Station in Ireland , just to share the love. If shes reading this... GO LOUISe. Well done from Melbourne! http://www.rte.ie/fashion/2011/0214/oreillyl.html
—Guest Mel

Fluvia and louise!

I cant decide who my fav plus size model is.. I love both Fluvia Garcia and Louise O'Reilly. At least this way I am being some what diplomatic as they both have total different looks yet they are both such gorgeous and come across to people lovely genuine girls. I do have to agree with " Guest N.y" though I love Louise's style.
—Guest Red carpet girl

Irish model , love her curves!

Crystal Renn was always my favourite for years but that Irish model Louise O'Reilly is just so proud to be curvy. Ive seen alot of interviews on her lately and her clothes are always amazing!!I hope we see her over here in the U.S at some point because I need some majoR style advice off that girl!hahaha.
—Guest Guest N.Y

Louise O'Reilly

I had the pleasure to meet Louise in person recently.I have to say she is just as beautiful and lovely in real life as she is on television and in her photos.Shes shed light on curves with her figure and her wonderful personality. Which is what we needed here in Ireland.What we love about her is how she influences women all the time about enhancing their curvy figures.that to myself and my friends here in Sligo are the main elements of a real plus model and beauty, we cant get enough of her!She deserves every bit of success. Kindest Regards Bridge.

Louise O'Reilly

Louise O'Reilly hands down, she has the beauty and charisma that makes her stand out in the industry. She deserves recognition for her stunning looks and for what a beautiful person she is inside AND out
—Guest Guest Dublin

Toccara Got It Going On

Toccara Jones from ANTM. She did not win on the show but that did not stop her from getting a fabulous modeling career. She had 14 pages of her own in Italian Vogues'Blacks issue last July 2009.She also has appeared on some reality TV shows.She exudes an energy that makes you want to know more about her. She is fashion forward & can do edgy-iness as easy as girl next door also. I also like Kate Dillon who looks great in anything too.
—Guest JoyCe Blue

So hard to choose

I have different faves for different eras. For the longest time Kate Dillon was my fave. Crystal Renn has been my fave for a long time but she's not so plus these days. For true plus I really like Fluvia and Mia Amber. And Ashley definitely has become a new favorite.
—Guest Moe (PlusShe.com)

Favorite Plus-Size Models

Among recent stars: Ashley Graham Hall-of-Fame: Emme and Kate Dillon
—Guest MaryB

Favorite Plus Sized Model

My favorite Plus Sized Model is London Andrews. http://londonandrews.blogspot.com/ She is beautiful and has a stunning body.
—Guest London Fan

Don't know her name, but...

I think she may be just about the most beautiful woman in existance. http://www.hipsandcurves.com/plus-size-lingerie/p-848-plus-size-cupless-leather-corset-leather-patent.aspx
—Guest Lewi

Who is this model?

http://www.lanebryant.com/apparel-accessories/tops/top-rated/ruched-v-neck-supima-reg-cotton-tee/4018c4019c14947p54964/index.pro Her! I see her everywhere, and I don't know her name. I think that's sad, too, because if I never see her name, then she's getting no recognition!
—Guest Tish

Torrid Model

I don't know her name but here is her photo from Torrid. She is an adorable beauty. http://img.hottopic.com/is/image/HotTopic/562130_hi?wid=500

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