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Readers Respond: What Do You Love About Yourself?

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  • What do you love about yourself? If I had to pick something, it would probably be my perseverance... physically, perhaps my hands. What about you?

    what do you like about yourself?

    I'm a GO-GETTER, My personalities, i never give up
    —Guest Laurieann

    About Yourself

    Hi there, my name is Yoliswa, my friends call me Nicole and so can you. about me, im bubbly, vivacious and fun loving.i love to dance and love music.im a very musical person and i love all types of music.Love beauty love my face,it is so oval and smooth..i love my curves my smile
    —Guest Yoliswa Harrison

    unique not better,but beautiful

    i love my face,it is so oval and smooth.i love my chocolate complexion.i love my curves,they are so feminine.i love my long legs.i love beautiful me all round.
    —Guest mimi

    theres the good and the bad.

    The good is:my personality,im funny,like to try new stuff.my eyes bcuz they are green ang go to hazzle,yellow greyish.my face...the bad is:my curvy body but after 6kids i love it...
    —Guest yessie

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