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Readers Respond: Do Plus-Size Women Feel More Pressure to Be "Polished"?

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Are you careful not to dress in sweats, wear flats, or skip plucking your brows? Do you think that plus-size women are pressured to look flawless when it comes to hair, nails, and general presentation because of their body size?

Every woman should try to be "polished"

I don't think that I have ever left the house without a bit of makeup, clean hair and clean, matching clothes. I'm a size 24/26, 58 years old and I know what suits me. I am considered to be very attractive despite my size because I have not given up on myself just because my body is larger than average. Every woman should try to be "polished" but if a plus size woman wants to look good she has to try even harder to find out what works for her!

let me think about it....

Of course big women feel more pressure to be polished. We have a lot more curves to cover as well as making sure its properly covered as well. In order for it to look good its got to be all in the right places with the right colors to enhance rather than scare away. Not to mention most stores that I have been to don't really have the best materials to elegantly cover our bodies in beauty unless you find something that works for you. It's hard to shop when your big and beautiful because there is always here or there and lets face it, we're neither here or there.
—Guest samolina

Beauty is as Beauty Does.....

I feel that every woman should at least try to look somewhat pulled together. A little lipstick, mascara,a little eyeliner and a big smile makes a difference to people that look at you.
—Guest Blujay1966

Yes, Look More Polished

*I wish the fashion industry would offer polished clothes for the plus sized. *The stores put the woman's sizes next to maternity as if there was crossover. *The clothes found in the "regular" sizes are rarely found in the larger sizes. *Much as I love t-shirts and sweatshirts, I would never wear them anywhere but to bed because they really look awful on the plus-sized. Avoid wearing them out of the house! *Make sure your hair looks clean, and do wear some make up, if only light blush. *Carry yourself with pride (but not with a chip on your shoulder) and smile. *Watch the makeover TV shows and how they dress larger women. Those are my suggestions, and ones I try to follow. Best wishes.
—Guest Kathy A

Don't Know if it's Age or Size or ...

I don't know if it's age or size, but I feel pressure to present myself in a more polished to the outside world. All of a sudden, I'm concerned about my looks in a way I never was before, not even when I was a teenager.
—Guest beautyandserendipity


I am very cognizant of my appearance. It takes me more time to dress down than it does to dress up or for business. Of course we are held to a higher standard. If we don't look our best, it's because we're "fat", pull your hair in a ponytail and go sans makeup..."oh, we've let ourselves go" or "we should take more pride in our appearance". However if a size negative nothing did the same thing, she just being a natural beauty. We all know that no matter how we dress the first thing the see is the "fat"....not the fabulousness we are.

Plus size beauty

I think every woman should look good and feel goo about themselves no matter the size. I think plus size women should look their best because to dismiss the sterotype of being sloppy and not caring about themselves. People always think overweight people don't care about themselves or have low self esteem. I know alot of plus size peop;e with great self esteem and love themselves.
—Guest Bella

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