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Readers Respond: What Are the Most Comfortable Shoes for Wide Feet or Calves?

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A lot of us have wide feet or large calves. Can you suggest what shoes work best when a plus-sized woman craves stylish comfort?

SAS Shoes

SAS Shoes, boxy fronts, very comfortable. You see doctors and dentist wearing them, i.e. people on their feet all day long. I tried a lot of shoes, the worst are Clarks. SAS are one of the few things still handmade in the US by US workers, big plus. Well worth the money. Use meltonian shoe cream on them, not polish.
—Guest Widefeet


In response to Guest Michelle...Zappos.com carries the blowfish brand.
—Guest jstfunin


When I gained a lot of weight after I quit smoking. Over the course of two years my feet got wider, but not longer. I have found that Blowfish shoes are as comfortable as they come. Ebay has great deals on them, due to no store here in my area sells them.
—Guest Michelle

Panza shoes, Framingham MA

I should mention here that I'm a guy, 31yo, but the store seems to stock a good selection for men and women. I went to Panza on the weekend as I can never get wide enough shoes. Turns out that widthwise I'm somewhere about a 4E - 6E, depending on make. I got a nice pair of Merrill shoes in a 3E, only half a size larger than I should be (I'm an 8.5 length but normally need an 11 to get the width) and Dunham sandals in a 6E width, which are so good. The staff there are great too. Can't recommend enough, although I might be biased as the is the first time since I was 7 that I've had good fitting shoes.
—Guest Euan


http://shop.marmishoes.com/index.htm I was recently in NYC, and I googled "wide-width shoes NYC" on my smart phone. I wanted a brick and mortar store where I could guess and check my shoe size. Surprisingly enough, I found a store less than three blocks away, and thus, I found Marni. I walked into the store, saw this strappy number: http://shop.marmishoes.com/browse.cfm/4,3821.html and sighed, because shoes like that NEVER fit me. But I asked anyway--and they had it in my size and width! Turns out, they had every shoe in the store in my size! The store accommodates wide, medium, narrow, slim, and super slim widths! I bought three pairs of shoes that day. I recommend the store to anyone with width issues. If you're used to Naturalizer, Easy Spirit, and Avenue accommodating you, you'll love Marni.

SAS shoes

I wear almost entirely SAS shoes. They are hand made in the US, and not sold online (I wish they were!) but many discount Malls carry them. If you know your size etc, you can call & order them from the store. I wear mainly the loafer style, & have one pair of sandels. They have EXCELLENT arch support which I need, are well made, last forever w/ care, & are enough of a "classic" style to be wearable for yrs if you are not a fashionista. I have a wide toe or forefoot "box" and narrow heels as well as the very high arches. That is a SL2 as I understand sizing from the "walkingabout" site. The SAS shoes fit that "hard to fit" foot problem of mine! Second fave: New Balance which like SAS come in ALL widths and have good arch support. Stick with 800 or over! Thirdly, Birkenstock clogs and Arizonas....comfy, casual, & a classic at this point in time! BTW someone said something about their feet having "grown"...if you're a woman & have kids, that CAN make your feet permanently larger.


I agree with one of the above responses, Naturalizer has fashionable boots, that are both comfortable, and they cater to wider calves.
—Guest Amber


Some will disagree with me, but I find that there are two brands of shoes that really work, before I have to go to "ugly" shoes. The first brand, which is my favorite, is skechers. I have yet to go wrong with a pair of skechers. I have flat feet and one leg is longer than the other, but skechers keep me walking all day long. The other brand is Doc Marten. If I buy any other brand, I have to futz with the fit, and I'm never as comfortable as when I'm in either skechers or Docs.

Plus Calves

I love Avenue Cloud Walkers for width and comfort. Boots and all shoes. One Stop is a website for Roman's and Jessica's etc that have wide shoes.
—Guest pamlynjoker

Wide Shoes

While I have just about given up on boots, because my calves are very large, I do wear a 10.5 WW, and find the following shoe designers to be great: Drew, Daniel Green, David Tate, Munro, Ros Hommerson, Orthofeet, Softwalk, SoftSpots, Trotters, and Walking Cradles to be fairly accommodating for the WW size. The best websites are footsmart.com and Masseys.com. I can't walk into a store and find a 10.5 in a dress shoe. I have to shop online. I also had a very serious ankle/leg injury, so I get alot of swelling. I need the variety of shoes offered by online websites that stores cannot provide. Good luck to you!

When in doubt - go Torrid!

I would highly recommend Torrid, it's a hip plus-size store (I mostly shop online because the nearest store to me is a 2 hr drive). The shoes are pretty stylish, resonable prices, and are very comfy - yes - even their pumps!

Flat feet

My feet have gone from a size 8.5 narrow to a size 10.5 wide over the last 20 or 25 years... I'm now in my mid 60's. My arches have fallen (let that be a warning!!!) and now that I must wear orthotics to minimize the foot pain I must select low shoes, flats, and they must have a buckle strap or tie across the top in order to stay on at all. That's very limiting, to be sure!!! I mostly wear black slacks, black sox or knee highs and black shoes so it all blends in together. Not "stylish" in the usual sense, but foot comfort is far more important than looks... I have a MaryJane type and a couple pair of utilitarian oxford type (similar to men's dress shoes), also athletic shoes for knock around. I cannot wear flip-flops at all and I can only wear sandals if I'll be sitting more than walking or standing ... not sure what I'll be able to find for my upcoming wedding, either...


They're heavenly, and they come in wide sizes. Very very comfortable.
—Guest Althea

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