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Style and Plus-size Modeling Advice


Get advice on plus-size modeling and fashion today!

1. Do You Exercise?

"This July I started. I wanted to do CrossFit but it was a little too intense for a beginner so I started working with a trainer, mostly focusing on barbell lifts. I also do mobility work on my own and bike to work. I eat paleo most of the time but certainly eat off-road on occasion, mostly Asian or Mexican food with the occasional gluten free goodie :) I'm 43 and had back, knee and shoulder problems. I feel SO MUCH BETTER than I have in a very long time. Now that I've done it, I can't imagine not feeling this way for the rest of my life."

2. What Colors Are You Wearing Right Now?

This season I am going to be wearing more grey and purple.The mix well.

3. Do You Want to Be a Plus-Size Model?

"I would love an opportunity to try this. Single mom. I've have more downs that I have up since the big D. I have 3 wonderful boys. I'm always told how beautiful I am. I have blonde-ish brown hair brown eyes. I'm 5'9 1/2 wear a size 18-20. I have total confidence in myself. But not cocky. I enjoy the simple things in life. Im always smiling and laughing. Told I'm a natural. Just never did it. I'm 36 yrs old and love the clothing lines. I have many styles and self photos. I'm a social butterfly. I'm not scared to try and experience new things. If given the chance I would give 100% percent. I have a motto. I come as is take it or leave it...I'm just me :) thank you for.reading this and considering me."

4. What Are Plus-Size Fashion Mistakes?

I'm a size 14 and I've spent a lifetime hiding behind clothes two sizes too big. I realized that it only makes me look fatter and feel far more self concious. I'm not saying to go buy clothes two sizes too small or show alot of skin. Pencil skirts and tightfitted dresses is where it's at. Skinny jeans with loose tops and a pair of pumps can go a long way with plus size girls. Stop trying to hide those curves, embrace them and learn to show them off with classy but fitted clothes.

5. Do You Wear Expensive Plus Clothes?

"While I'd like to say that I spend my money only on high-end merchandise, that would be a lie. It all depends on the way that particular item fits me. I have Target shirts that I've gotten for $20.00 that are among my favorites, just because they really fit well around the chest. Alternatively, I have bought the occasional CLASSIC that is expensive and I love it. It's all about the fit for me."

6. What Is the Biggest Plus-Size Fashion Mistake?

No it's not wearing tight clothes, short clothes, little beleros, or anything like that. Its feeling bad because you're not a stick figure. Don't wear clothes that are just plain and ugly or super baggy because you feel that these will cover up horrid-ness. Don't settle for second best clothing because it's harder to find nice clothes for you're figure. Don't cross your arms to hide your belly or chest. Or avoid sitting because your thighs will look huge. Wear clothes that you like. Better yet wear clothes that you love. If you like mini skirts and you think you look good in them, go ahead (that is if dont find them horribly uncomfortable). Can't find the perfect clothes at you're usual store? Look elsewhere rather picking the things of the rack that aren't your favorite. Walk if confidence. Show people that you're fat and you don't care. Follow these tips and you can never go wrong. P.s. Biggest manufacturing mistake? Unfashionable poor fitting clothes or no plus size at all.

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