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Plus-Size Modeling Hopefuls - Their Stories


I get a lot of emails and stories about people who want to be plus-size models, and I'd like to take the chance to share their stories. I've had a look through some of the answers I have received, and the answers I chose are exceptionally inspirational, fresh, and fun.

1. Coming Into Her Own: Guest F.

"Just recently I've come to realize that I actually want to become a plus size model. I was raised as a tomboy, so fashion wasn't really my thing, but I'm ready to become a figure of fashion. I'm a bit broad (since I was born from two hard working parents who both have broader figures as well) but I am proportionate. I've been told I have some very lovely parts of me which include my lips, hair, buttox, and legs. I've never been fully confident in my figure being so that we live in a world where the image of beauty is between size 0 to 8 but I know as a bigger woman I'm beautiful. I feel I have the body and mind to become a plus size model, to show that being bigger can be beautiful. I'm around 5' 6''-5' 7'' (I may have grown since I last checked), my pant size is 18, my shoe size is 9 1/2 and if I can I prefer to be natural and wear no makeup, but I feel I'm lovely with it too."

2. Petite and Proud: Guest J.

"I am a 23 year old,5' 5" petite lady who wears a size 26w. I wear a 50-52C bra, and a size 10 panty. I would love to show America that these little advertisments only flatter the more skinner version of a plus size model such as sizes XL-1X. Seriously put someone like me who has to wear a 3X-4X and a size 26w with belly 'rolls' out there. THAT is what a true plus size fashion show or magazine should feature. I am a beautiful on the outside and on the inside, but can't stand the fact that when I look into a magazine and see skinnier versions of my size in beatuiful clothing, and I'm wondering "Is that going to look good on me, like it does her?" Again, I would love to become a real "Plus Size" model to prove that even bigger girls can look good, 'Rolls' and all."

3. Rediscovering Confidence: Guest Maisie

"I am young (All I'm going to say is I'm 15-18 yrs.), size 14, and confident since I have discovered the wonders of the world of plus-size. Since the first time I saw a plus-size model, I realized that was something I could do! My grandmother and mother before me were all models, and I have always felt that modeling urge in my genes, but never felt like I could ever model since I am not that skinny. I, however, still have one set-back: My teeth. My single mother could never afford to get me, nor my two other brothers, braces, but am still hopeful that I will still be able to fix that, or that I maybe just would never need to show off my un-perfect pearly whites. Either way, I am still super hopeful that I can one day make it, and also be able to give hope to those who never felt as if they could ever be like what everyone seems to believe the ideal person should be!"

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