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Teen Plus-Size Fashion

Clothes For Just About Anywhere


Being a plus-sized teen can be hard, and shopping for one can be even more challenging. Whether you love shopping for someone else or you're a teen trying to build up the perfect date ensemble, check out these indispensable pieces to round out your wardrobe in a flash.

1. The Perfect Dress

Still looking for that perfect dress? Consider your budget to help you choose the right one. Many teens have limited funds, so it's best to find a dress that can be worn all season long, and get a chameleon-style upgrade with a few choice accessories.

I found plenty of summer essential dresses from Alight.com. This fashion source has a boutique with all the best brands out there, and you'll be able to find lots of simple dresses that you can wear to the beach, to the mall, and out with friends.

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2. Casual Jeans

Jeans can be one of the hardest things to fit. Every brand seems to be different, so every pair of plus-size jeans is a surprise. For teens who live in jeans, I recommend you check out Avenue.com's selection of plus-size bottoms, which include Seven7 brand jeans up to size 20.

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3. Cropped Jackets

Plus-size teens need a cute cropped jacket for fall, and Apple Bottoms is the ticket for jackets up to 3X. Little cropped jackets will help you recycle your summer wardrobe come fall with creative layering, so they're budget friendly, too.

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4. Basic Tees

Teens need a good supply of cool tees for every season. Graphic tees and tanks look great with hoodies and jackets, so get a few now to take advantage of sales.

My favorite tee this time around has to be from Delia's. You can find it in size XL, and its whimsical design looks perfectly at home with skirts and capris.

5. Scarves and Headbands

Pull back your hair in a low-maintenance style that will easily lend polish to your look. Find basic ones that will add a shock of color to your outfit, or simply add a classic touch in black or navy. If you're more daring, try a lightweight scarf draped around your neck.

I like the France Luxe Comfort Headband in blue, which is thin, cute, and comfy.

6. The Right Tote

Every teen needs a good tote. When you have tons of stuff on your schedule and you have to balance class with friends, a tote can really help you out.

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