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Shopping for Plus Finds: Vermont Country Store

Getting the Best


Are you a shopper who looks for the tough-to-locate stuff at the stores? A bargain hunter in the extreme? You'll find that the Vermont Country Store has some fun, old-fashioned pieces that will suit any woman looking for sizes 1 & 2X.

1. Fun Flannel PJs

Flannel pajamas in size 2X? Let me at 'em. They might not be the sexiest things you've seen, but they are fun to wear in the winter. My sisters used to have gorgeous pairs of nightgowns back in the day, and they were in some of the prints shown on the Vermont Country Store website -- the ones from Lanz look the most familiar, and that cozy matching robe looks wonderful. Sizing is generous, and these pajamas are more than simply comfortable -- they are totally sumptuous. They might look a little silly or sweet, but on a cold winter's night, they are a fantastic buy.

2. Robes

Cozy robes are where it's at for winter. While I already extolled the awesomeness of the flannel Lanz robes at the Vermont Country Store, I have more to describe over here -- the chenille robe on their site was one of my favorites. There's also an amazing bed jacket on the site for very little. It will definitely keep you cozy. One of my favorite selections is the robe with the zip-up front, which is sure to stay closed when you are doing your hair or makeup. While a wrap-front robe can be totally comfortable, it can pop open when you lift up your arms too many times. Avoid this.

3. Cozy Slippers

Do you like sinking your feet into soft slippers? These cozy ones over at Vermont Country Store are just what you could like. The fluffy bunny slippers have sweet pink ears and little brushy whiskers, but the quilted slippers with a little ribbon tie at the toe are another amazing selection. I think that the prices are very fair, too. Fur-lined ones are the coziest, but if you have wider feet, you might want to look into the backless mules instead. If you like something that is a little more supportive, then you might want to try their moccasins. Another top option is to try the sock-type unstructured mary jane slippers.

4. Low-Priced Fragrances

Do you need a new fragrance that stands out from what other women wear? I like to go on this website and find a new fragrance about once a month or so. Right now, they are having an amazing sale on all sorts of parfums and splashes, and some of the labels are ones that I've never even tried, like Evening in Paris and Penhaligon's Bluebell. I really want to get a couple of the fragrances on sale for $14.99 from $50. What a deal! They also have some great unisex fragrances that you can try... something I always like to look into.

5. Old-Fashioned Underwear

Long-leg styles, girdles, panties, and more are available on this site in 2X and larger sizes. While these comfort briefs might look woefully "granny panty"-esque, you'll find that these panties are awesome for hiding panty lines -- and Marilyn Monroe was actually wearing a similar pair when her skirts were blown up in the air when she was walking over that subway grate. Instead of thongs, why not aim for something so much more comfortable? Full briefs are not necessarily granny briefs, that's for sure, but you might need to adjust your thinking if you've been wearing brief styles for awhile.

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