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5 Most Common Plus-Size Fit Problems


Looking to improve your wardrobe? Don't buy anything special right away-- consider tailoring the pieces that don't quite work in your existing wardrobe. Here's what to look for that you can easily fix.

1. Gaping Button-Front Top

Try wearing your top open layered with a gorgeous tank top, or try a Bosom Button to keep your shirt buttoned securely. If you want your shirt to fit without home modifications, check the seam and see if the shirt could be let out by your tailor on either side.

2. Loose Waist Denim

Do your jeans gap in the back? Disguise the problem with a tight tunic and a hip belt over that to keep things secure. Try a top in black to avoid displaying any denim creases. This is also an easy fix for a tailor, who can take a few inches from the back to make the waistband lie flat.

Tip: Purchase jeans with a high amount of Spandex to help your denim conform to your curves next time.

3. Overly-Long Trousers

Pants too long? Save them for winter and tuck them into a pair of floppier boots. If you cuff them once and then fold them vertically to reduce volume, no one will be the wiser.

4. Visible Bra Straps

Strapless bras are the way to go, but have you had difficulty with them staying up? The only bra that has ever worked for me is one from Connie Elder, which combines a little bit of delicate rubber that is usually used around the top of hold-up stockings. A convertible bra is another option, although you should avoid clear straps, which usually don't provide enough support.

5. Creeping Waistband

Do your workout trousers ride up? If they do, consider rolling the waistband down once to reduce the length of the crotch, or bring it to a tailor to have a drawstring added.

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