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Plus-Size Fashion Misconceptions

Things We Don't Have to Believe


Fashion rules are a tricky thing--I like to imagine them as suggestions instead. Here are five of the most common plus-size fashion misconceptions that never cease to stop bubbling up to the surface... but that are only sometimes true.

1. When in Doubt, Bring Out the Girls

I'm sure you get tired of hearing that we should emphasize the bust, even though it is some great advice--for many of us. However, not all plus women have big busts, nor do we all want to emphasize them. If you have an outstanding booty, by all means, please do show it off! That's what jeans with a touch of Lycra were made for.

2. Shapeless Is a "No"

Shapeless tops and similar styles can prove to be quite disappointing to many plus women, but they shouldn't be written off altogether. Slip into a caftan, but add shape with one more layer. If you're an hourglass, belt that dress or tunic, and if you have a great upper body, toss on a waistcoat or a sexy, tighter tunic. Looser tops and dresses that are sleeveles also visually add interest.

3. You Need to Wear High Heels

Unfortunately, I feel like heels always make an outfit look better, but do I wear them regularly? No way. Even though heels are an instant glam-maker, not being able to walk in them comfortably is a major problem. Many plus women (myself included) have circulation problems, water retention, ingrowns, and arch issues, and it's better to go for the mini-heel flats than hurt yourself.

4. Show Off Your Height

Some of us are petites, too! If you feel like you're in the shadow of your 6-foot-tall plus sisters, try shopping at La Grande Dame and JCPenney for petite plus picks. Make it a point to read petite sites as well, and combine plus and petite tips for a unique blend. In addition, try to pay close attention to how petite models are styled in photoshoots, and "copy" their looks, from the proportions down to the separates themselves.

5. Highlight Your Pretty Face

So many of us are stunning--but who wants to be complimented on having a "beautiful face" yet another time? Make a list of all the amazing, unique things about yourself, and start highlighting them on a regular basis. Not just a pretty face, indeed.

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