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Hot Jeans for Apple Body Types

The Best for Your Shape


Apple body types need to choose jeans wisely. Not all jeans will have the width at the midsection that you need for comfort along with slimmer legs and hips. Plus-size jeans can seem big all over, but with a little luck, you can wear these particular pairs with ease.

1. Special Details

Forget the rules. Plus-size women can pull off patch pockets, too. Take advantage of your proportionally smaller hips and draw attention away from your midsection with these Sinatra Patch Pocket Jeans. Find a top that comfortably covers the top of your waistband, like a blousy style with a lower waistline and an adjustable drawstring.

2. High-Waisted Styles

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Don't be fooled by low-waisted jeans. They're simply not the answer for your shape. High rise jeans will contain your tummy without cutting into your stomach and can make you look pounds lighter. If high-waisted jeans are really not your thing, try a pair like the Block Party Jeans with a longer top to camouflage them.

3. Basic Cropped Shorts and Capris

These capris will show off slimmer legs typical of the apple frame. These capris have a higher rise and ample sized pockets for the plus-size frame. You can find them up to size 16.

4. Contoured Cuts

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These five-pocket jeans will eliminate any tummy rolls from popping up with the help of a special cut. Gaps at the back are eliminated, and the front of the waistband won't cut into your stomach. You can wear these summerweight jeans comfortably all year round if you live in a warmer climate, or if you feel constrained by regular weight jeans.

5. Wide Waistband Capris

Wear these Alex Capris to flaunt smaller ankles and look positively trim. Try a slightly longer top to cover your midsection and a pair of low heels to make the most of your legs. A higher, wider waistband on shorts like this look great on apple shapes, and any denim with a darker wash will help to minimize trouble areas.

6. Specially Tailored "Apple" Looks

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These jeans are made especially for plus-size women with an apple figure. They have a higher rise, which means extra weight found at the back and tummy will be covered. The waistband is wider and more flattering for those of us who carry our weight around our middle.
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