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Dresses for Busty Figures


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Wrap Dresses: Yoke Wrap Dress
Dresses for Busty Figures

Wrap dresses are indispensable for a busty woman.

Photo (c) Igigi.com

Not crazy about wrap dresses? Perhaps you’ve never found one in the perfect size before. There are great styles at Igigi.com, and you can flatter your bust in a simple jersey shift.

  • Check the Trimmings: Details are everything. Look for slightly loose sleeves like on this Yoke Wrap Dress from Igigi. You'll be more inclined to wear your basic dress with a comfy upper body fit.

  • Stay in Your Budget: Busty women with a tight budget should look into a few simple wrap dresses in navy, black, and a jewel tone like green or purple. Short-sleeved dresses can be worn alone in the summer or with a shrug or shawl in the winter.

  • Decorate: Accessorize your wrap dress with a jeweled brooch--it will never go out of style.
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