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Dress for Your Pear Body Type


Dress for Your Pear Body Type

This Avenue.com Henley Tee will emphasize your top and highlight your facial features.

The pear is a common body type. Embrace the opportunity to emphasize your slim neck, shapely shoulders, and defined waist. You can easily work with your heavier bottom half to get an all-over balanced outfit for work or play that is more balanced and more comfortable for you, too.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 30-45 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Confirm that you have a pear shape.

    Pear shapes usually have:
    • A bottom heavy shape
    • Thin and slender neck
    • Narrow or sloping shoulders
    • Larger and more generous lower hips and thighs

    You definitely have a curvy bottom half, with rounded hips and full thighs.

  2. Choose a shirt that will draw the eye to the shoulders.

    Select a shirt with the following elements:
    • Wide necklines such as boatneck or scoopneck style that can widen the shoulders and balance your bottom half.
    • Look for waist-defining details in your tops, such as belted or cinched styles that show off your defined waist.
    • Shirts that draw attention to the face are welcome. Look for buttons or ties at the neck that will draw eyes upwards.
    • Try to avoid shirts that are too tight.
    • Plus-size women should stay away from baggy shirts. Don't hide your shape with loose tees! You'll look bigger all over.
  3. Top off your shirt with a blazer.

    • Try to find one with puffed sleeves to balance out your shoulders in proportion to your hips.
    • Avoid wearing a blazer that hits the widest point of your hips. Find one that hits slightly above or at waist level.
  4. Find a skirt that's just right.

    • Look for a waistline on your skirt or trousers that hits slightly below the natural waistline. Without extra layers close to the smallest part of your waist, you can make it look smaller and your torso a little longer.
    • Get skirts with a slight a-line cut. They will skim over problem areas and smooth the hip and thigh.
    • Stay away from tight skirts and trousers.
  5. Grab a pair of perfect shoes.

    • Lengthen and slim your legs with a pair of heeled shoes. Heavier style heels which are not stilettos will balance out your calves.
    • Avoid shoes with ankle straps or t-strap styles, which can make your legs look larger.
  6. Learn more about your pear body type at the Pear Body Type Guide.


  1. Remember that no matter what your body type, you'll need to choose the right color to flatter your skin tone. Ask a friend what colors look good on you, or try taking photos of yourself in basic tees and seeing what looks best.
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