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Dress for Your Busty Body Type


Dress for Your Busty Body Type

This wrap dress from Design History will balance your curves and create a slim silhouette.

Design History
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Are you a busty gal? Do you love your curvy shape but don't know how to show it off right? Consider these tips to balance your plus-size figure and put everything in proportion!
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 30-45 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Identify the characteristics of your busty bod.

    Busty women may have:
    • A wider back
    • Full arms
    • Softer shoulders
    • A defined waistline

    Busty women always have full breasts, regardless of their weight.

  2. Find a shirt that flatters your womanly bustline.

    • Shirts with a v-neck or u-neckline make your bust look a little higher and more proportional.
    • Look for tank tops with wider straps for warmer weather.
    • Avoid very stretchy fabrics in a clingy cut. You may feel self-conscious, and every inch of your torso will be on display. If you love clingy fabrics, try layering a stretchy top under a blazer or light wrap.
    • Steer clear of spaghetti straps, which can make your chest and shoulders look sizes larger.
  3. Layer with a jacket or sweater.

    • Wrap tops are the perfect solution for layering and flattering! The v-neckline of your wrap shirt will flatter your bust and make your waist look more defined.
    • Wear your outer layer slightly shorter, with the longer tee underneath. If the underlayer is figure-hugging, you'll have shape and coverage without feeling too exposed.
    • Wear your jackets buttoned to nip in your waist.
  4. Get a skirt that balances the bust.

    • A-line styles will match your full bustline and keep you looking proportional. If you like your shirts tucked in, try wearing a skirt with a slightly lower waistline to elongate your torso.
    • Wear a pencil skirt to show off your curves. If you have average or larger hips and a smaller waist, go glam and flaunt it!
    • Avoid miniskirts, which may look tarty in combination with your enviable bust.
  5. Grab the perfect pair of trousers.

    • Go for a slightly wide-legged look if you would like your trousers to skim over the hips. Try wearing a shirt with darts or ties near the waist to add shape to your form.
    • Avoid skinny styles, which can make your bust look even more substantial.

  6. Try a dress for the evening out.

    • Invoke your inner vintage diva with a romantic dress. Wear a dress with a structured bodice and an a-line skirt to add balance to your natural shape.
    • Don't forget about black. It's slimming, classic, and universally appealing. Wear a black cotton jersey dress with long sleeves and a low neckline to emphasize what you've got. Supportive undergarments are key with this look, so try an underwear bra with a front closure and padded straps.
    • Stay away from strapless models. No matter how supportive they claim to be, they aren't.
  7. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

    • Choose layered slim chains for an exotic feel.
    • Don't wear necklaces that are too long. They won't lie flat against your bust.
    • Stay away from chokers. They can super-size your bust area.
  8. Learn more at the Busty Body Type Guide.


  1. Embrace the nude bra. Not having white bra outlines under your sheer tees will make you look 5 pounds thinner and more put-together.
  2. Never buy tops that are too tight around the bust. Buy shirts that fit your bust well, and then have them taken in around the armholes, neckline, and lower torso as necessary.
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