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JCPenney Fashion Tips and Fashion Interview

What's In Store for Plus Women at Department Stores


JCPenney Fashion Tips and Fashion Interview
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Plus-size shoppers, if you have budgetary issues right now, don't worry! These interviews with budget-friendly stores will keep you (and your wallet) very happy.

Q: What looks are new to JCPenney that we can recommend to plus women?

A: For Fall 2009, look for new proportion. Skinny bottoms and leggings are the number one trend in bottoms with a fuller, more voluminous Sweater or knit worn on top [...] the result is a triangular shape that results in a long and lean look that all women will love. Be sure to grab a strong shoe or boot to finish this look off with style...

Q: How can plus women shop at JCPenney more easily? What brands are recommended for women who are going to be shopping at JCPenney?

A: Key brands at JCP are a.n.a and Worthington for the modern customer and St. John's Bay, East Fifth, and Liz and Co. for a traditional look. Worthington provides a fantastic modern wear to work option with versatile garments to build a wardrobe. A.n.a has fun tops and great fitting jeans for casual into evening wear. We have also introduced new signature brands such as Allen B, Alyx, and Unity for fun fashion tops.

Q: What's one silhouette for fall that's going to flatter plus-size women? Is there one that we should stay away from?

A: Tunics and voluminous tops are in for Fall. Be sure to find one that skims the body and flatters your attributes! You'll love the slimmer pant silhouettes that complete this look, too.

In tops, the key item that will flatter the plus size woman is in the details. Find a silhouette that has feminine details or embellishment to flatter your figure. The key look in bottoms is the straight or the skinny leg jean. It works with any great top.

Q: What kinds of colors or coordinating items should I suggest for women wearing size 14+? Anything besides charcoal and black?

A: Focus on dark on the bottom and go for a great color on top. This season, purple and Teal are the key call out colors and can be worn back to charcoal and black.

Q: Are there any key accessories or jewelry items recommended for plus women to complete their look?

A: The key accessory is the statement necklace and multiple chains paired together. Bejeweled or just chains, the necklace sets off any look. Pick up the necklace top that has the necklace attached to the top for one-stop shopping.

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