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Apple Body Type Guide


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Ah, you're an apple shape. While you may love your tummy or try to hide your middle, you've probably run into some fit concerns. If you're looking for ways to highlight your positive side, you've come to the right place. Stock up on tops and fun clothes that may you look great and feel confident.

Take these points into considerations when you're an apple type:

Review your body type to determine if you think you have an apple body type.

If you're an apple type, then you probably have a larger midsection than limbs. Your stomach may have extra padding or a generally rounded appearance, or your back could taper into a small, flat behind. Boost your bottom and hide that tummy with just a few tricks.

Find tops that accentuate your good parts.

You don't have to settle for shirts that don't make you look stunning. Apple body types are a little more challenging because many shirts are shaped to the waist, but you can find shirts that work.

  • Take a look at apple-friendly tops.
  • Get a pair of jeans that hide your middle and flatter your bottom.

    Instead of "guesstimating" what kind of jeans will look right. To avoid any overspill in your jeans, look for jeans with shaped, wider waistbands intended for your body type.

    Wear coats with a similar shape to your usual tops.

    Swing coats and ones that hit lower on the body will make you look more proportional. Aim for ones that are a little bit longer, if you have particularly narrow hips.

    Get familiar with great shops that cater to apple shapes.

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