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Style Basics

Learn the tips and tricks to flatter your body and your lifestyle. Review style suggestions for plus-size fashion. Show off your assets no matter what your shape!
  1. Basic Body Type Guides (6)
  2. Basic Pieces for Plus-Size (10)
  3. Plus-Size Fashion Advice (16)
  4. Plus-Size Fashion Advice, Part II (16)
  5. Plus-Size Fashion Advice, Part III (15)

6 Plus-Style Style Tips from Yesteryear
Want to giggle? Take a look at these vintage style tips from way back.

8 Ways to Reduce That Tummy Bulge
Are you an apple shape? Have you had children and now have a slight belly? Do you have a little roll that you'd like to reduce? Here's the place to find out how, with plus-friendly fashion tricks just for you.

Apple Body Type Guide
Look great with these apple body tips and links.

Athletic Body Type Guide
The plus-size guide to athletic body types is here to help you get stylish and confident.

Busty Body Type Guide
Check this list of articles regarding busty bodies to guide your shopping sprees and keep you looking great.

Coats for All Body Types
Try these plus sized jackets for all body types. Get outerwear that works for apple, pear, busty, and athletic shapes, many for under $50.

Dresses and Skirts for Fall 2007
Get a list of plus-sized dresses and skirts for every plus-sized woman out there.

Dresses for Busty Figures
Stumped on finding the perfect summer dress for a fun occasion or just a pick-me-up? Flatter your busty figure with these top selections.

Fall Basics for Apple Body Types
These plus-size fall fashions are right on trend and will flatter your apple body type.

Fall Basics for Athletic Body Types
Get plus-size fall trend basics for althletic plus sized women who love plus sized fashion and clothing.

Fall Basics for Busty Body Types
Check out plus-size clothes for busty women who want to get their Fall 2007 wardrobe together.

Get Longer Legs
Making your legs look longer for plus-sized women isn't difficult, but you've got to knwo the secrets to flatter your plus frame.

Getting Your Plus-Size Top to Fit Well
Slip into a tee and makes the plus-sized fit just perfect with these tips

Going Out Clothes for Apple Body Types
Wear plus-sized clothes to go out in style.

Going Out Clothes for Busty Women
Check out this selection of Plus-Sized Going Out Clothes for Busty Bodies.

Going Out Clothes for Pear Body Types
If you're a plus-sized pear shape, try these plus size going out clothes.

Going Out Tops for Busty Women
Check out this selection of Plus-Sized Going Out Clothes for Busty Bodies.

Hot Jeans for Apple Body Types
"Apple" body types need to choose jeans wisely. Not all jeans will have the width at the midsection that you need for comfort, with slimmer legs and hips. Plus-size jeans can seem big all over, but with a little luck, you can wear these particular pairs with ease.

How to Buy a Shirt for Pear Shapes
Even if you have a pear shape, the shirt that you choose can affect the way your bottom half looks. Read this how-to guide to add balance and style.

How to Choose a Shirt for Apple Shapes
As a woman with an apple body shape, you may have trouble finding the right shirts for you. Consider these options to expand your wardrobe easily.

How to Choose a Shirt for Pear Shapes
Even if you have a pear shape, the shirt that you choose can affect the way your bottom half looks. Read this how-to guide to add balance and style.

How to Choose Clothes for Petite, Plus-Size Women
Choose plus-size clothes for petite sizes with this handy guide.

How to Choose Your Wedding Guest Attire
Learn about flattering your shape with plus-size suits and dressings for weddings.

Is There Anything You Won't Wear?
Is there anything you won't wear, as a plus-size woman?

Jeans for Pear Body Types
You'd be amazed at what you can find to make the most of your pear shape. No matter what your age, try to push yourself to wear slightly younger styles. Your body type probably won't be flattered by high-waisted, shapeless jeans, so try some like the ones listed below. Flatter that defined waist and trim your derriere easily with a variety of...

Jeans for Athletic Body Types
"Athletic" body types can be tricky. You may have slim hips, or you could have substantial, muscular thighs and a behind to match. No matter what your athletic shape, I've found a pair of jeans to suit you.

Pear Body Type Guide
Look great if you have a pear body type and you are a size 14+. Take a look at links and articles to guide your shopping experience.

Plus-Size Fashion Misconceptions
Fashion rules are a tricky thing--I like to imagine them as suggestions instead. Here are five of the most common plus-size fashion misconceptions that never cease to stop bubbling up to the surface.

Plus-Size Quality Check
If you'd like to know how to spot a garment that will last a long time, I share my tips below.

Plus-Size Wardrobe Disasters to Avoid
If you need help avoiding issues with your plus-size clothes, you may want to look into these avoidable mistakes that can be made before a public event, special occasion, or other outing.

Shop: Know Your Body Type
Knowing your plus-size body type before you shop not only will help you find some of the very best fitting, most flattering plus-size items, but wil help you before a more confident shopper. Read on!

Tips to Find Plus-Sized Tops That Fit Larger Arms
If you are trying to figure out the secrets of finding plus-size tops that are shaped for larger arms? Get some tips and get shopping.

Top 5 Plus-Size Skinny Jeans
Get a great list of plus-size skinny jeans for you, with a hip young edge.

Tops for Apple Bodies
Get plus-size tops that suit your apple body type today.

Tops for Athletic Bodies
Get suggestions for great tops for atheletic, full-figured women.

Tops for Busty Bodies
Keep these tips in mind when you're shopping for tops that will flatter your busty figure. These styles really work.

What Would You Change About Yourself?
What would you change about yourself? Plus-size fashion question.

What's the Most Comfortable Shoe for Wide Feet?
This plus-size shoe question asks: what are the most comfortable shoes for wide feet?

What's the Worst Plus-Size Fashion Mistake One Can Make?
Share your answers on the questions "what's the worst plus-size fashion mistake one can make?"

What's Your Favorite Feature (or Quality)?
What's Your Favorite Feature (or Quality) for plus-size women?

What's Your Favorite Plus-Size Denim Brand?
Share your favorite plus-size denim brand, and tell people why you love them!

How to Conceal Cankles for Curvy and Plus-Size Women
Concealing cankles isn't easy, but it can be done.

Plus-Size Accessorizing for Less
Dressing for less just got easier for the plus-size majority.

Achieve The Plus Size Boho With These Brands & These Tips
Article featuring where to find plus size boho brands such as Rachel Pally, Alloy, Neiman Marcus and tips on how to wear the plus size boho trend.

How To Shop Plus Size Fashion and Look Fabulous On A Budget

How To Develop Your Own Style
Article on defining your style as a plus size woman. Article includes tips on wardrobe staples and types of personal style.

How To Look Expensive
Article written about looking expensive on a budget. Article features advise on choosing a signature perfume, statement jewelry, and skin care.

Plus Size Online Shopping Tips
This article give tips on plus size online shopping. Tips include reading clothing reviews, know your measurements, and read the reviews.

5 Style Lessons Learned from Audrey Hepburn
An article on fashion and style cues that we get from Audrey Hepburn. It includes wearing trench coats, dark sunglasses, ballet flats, and pearls.

How To Build A Wardrobe
This slide discusses evaluating your closet as you are trying to build a wardrobe.

Great Plus Size Bras For Every Budget
This article focuses on plus size bras for every budget. This includes Curvation bras.

Best Plus Size Tights

Wardrobe tips for easy dressing
International Styling Consultant, Ashely Martini Shares Confidence-Boosting Clothing Tips.

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