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Interesting Ways to Wear a Scarf

Try these on for size!


These scarf looks can help you jazz things up for the season.

1. As a belt, and with a real buckle this time. A

Are you interested in something that involves a little craftiness? I swear that it’s worth it. Find or buy a plain buckle and attach a long scarf to the back back with a safety pin. Then loop the scarf around your waist and through the buckle, and then cinch. It’s a lot easier to keep in place than just wrapping a scarf around your waist and saying that you are done with it.

2. As a loop-tie.

Wrap your scarf around your neck once, and them pass it around another time. After the second pass, loop the ends around each other as if you were beginning to tie a shoe. Leave it loose and just like that. Insta-style.

3. As a headscarf.

Try looping a scarf around your head like a kerchief and then tying it right underneath your chin when it rains. It might not be the most youthful look, but it is a great way of keeping your coiffure dry. I have a large polyester rain scarf that I got on Etsy that dries like a dream and always stays vibrant. I highly recommend aiming for something similar.

4. As a fun little handbag addition.

Try to dress up your handbag with a geometric scarf or something similar. You can toss a wildly patterned on on a faux-croc bag or a plain one on a printed bag: the point is that you want your handbag to have a little more oomph than usual, and at least coordinate, if not match, your outfit.

5. As a headband when you’re cleaning.

Grab a dark-colored one and wrap it around your head to keep your hair from getting crazy and your brow from getting too sweaty. When you have the desired effect, think about practicality, not about style: it will certainly keep you happier when you’re scrubbing.

6. As an actual tie.

Have you even tried an oblong scarf and worn it as a tie? It’s an amazing look that particularly gels with masculine-vibe attire. You might like to try a purple-and-blue floral scarf against a plain white v-neck tee or a bright pink and green scarf against cherry red. Think arresting, and you can’t go wrong. I might consider wearing the scarf-tie pulled a little to one side and layered with a gold chain necklace, too.

7. Go for a cape wrap.

Wrap a large scarf, folded into a diamond, around your shoulders with the ends knotted in the front. This is best done when you’re wearing something slim-fitting and dark.

8. Try a new neck wrap.

With a skinny, long scarf, twist it until you have both sides completely taut and twisted. Swirl the ends around themselves until they look like a big flower, and tuck the ends under. Try not to think too much about the end effect when you are doing it -- they always come out better when you don’t worry about it too much.

9. Use a large handkerchief to knot around a ponytail.

It’s a cute way to cover an elastic, and an even better way to add pep to your look without being too cutesy. Look for white handkerchiefs to dye if you are crafty.

10. Tie up wet hair after a shower.

If you are trying to keep your hair from getting ruined with heat, braid it and hold it up on your head with a big scarf worn upside down -- as in knotted at the top instead of the bottom.

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