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RCAs Suggestions: Best Deals


Having trouble deciding who you should nominate for the "best deals" categories? I list some of my favorites below and tell you why I can find a good deal at these locations.

1. Forever21

Say what you will about F21 and their copyright violations (and you can say a lot), but you can find a ton of great deals over there -- and fashionable ones, too. I might be hesitant about buying pieces not made stateside, but I will say that if you want something trendy, it is one of the best places to go online. Some of the best pieces they have? Blouses, shirtdresses, and swing coats.

Best Deal: Tops -- especially the ones in silk blend.

2. eShakti

The Deals, the Deals! I love seeing what eShakti has cooked up, and in what colors and styles. The best part about eShakti is the fact that the pieces are well-constructed and fabulously priced for the quality and style. I find that the pieces consistently out-perform and out-price other items in the same category -- like silk dresses or fitted jackets.

Best Deal: Dresses -- particularly ones that are perfect for the career woman. If you saw eShakti featured in Glamour recently, then you know that we're not the only ones taking notice.

3. JCPenney

I love the clearance section in JCPenney -- you can’t find better deals. Pencil skirts that are long-wearing and very cute? You’ll find them on JCP -- and year-round. If you live in a climate that requires summertime garb most days of the year, then you’ll especially like what they have to offer. Some sites put too many heavy layers, including wool and other heavy knits, on their sites, and don’t provide many midweight options for us in southern Florida or California.

Best Deal: Skirts -- their pencil skirts are inexpensive and available in a lot of different colors. I look for ones with kick pleats instead of a traditional slit in the back.

4. Sonsi

You know that I enjoy Sonsi, and this is just one reason why: their fantastic deals on multiple panties and lower-priced bras, plus an interesting combination of news and fun social media stuff. Sonsi is just enjoyable to browse, really, and their customer service is excellent -- plus, I say that as someone who vacillates between liking and hating plus e-malls like theirs. But they are still definitely one of my favorites.

Best Deal: Underthings -- their multi-piece deals are some of the best around the web, although the quality can be quite varied.

5. La Grande Dame

This mother-daughter team knows good quality pieces, and this is a place where you can find items from some of the top labels, like Anna Scholz, for less. The promotions are creative, varied, and fun, and the different styles represented on the site means that everyone can find something to suit. I highly recommended visiting this site when you need to find something with a top-notch label for less.

Best Deal: Party dresses -- bold patterns are often marked down on this site, which makes them all the more thrilling.


Need a pick-me-up? This is the place to find rock-bottom prices that satisfy an urge to buy. You might have promised yourself “no more shopping,” but this little trick will keep you from spending too much on that special little something to fix a bad day. Set a limit for your purchase and don’t stray.

Best Deal: Bits and bobs -- all the accessories are divine and cheap enough that you can grab a few and still have cash left over.

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