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Plus-Size Makeover, Part II


Ahhh, makeovers. This time, we're looking at part II!

1. Get a friendly critique.

Are you willing to give yourself up to a major critique for your makeover? It's not easy, but you can more easily address your issues when you get advice from a real friend. They can recommend a new haircut that you didn't picture before; they can help you choose a new workplace style; they can help you pick out the perfect new lipstick. Steel yourself and ask your bestie for her best advice.

2. Organize your accessories.

I have a variety of jewelry boxes, but what's inside them is often a guessing game. I'd be much better accessorized if I could only get my jewels sorted!

3. Get cooking.

I swear, when I get pulled into an uncreative, unproductive rut, it's almost impossible to push myself out of it. However, one thing that helps is to do something that's necessary, but that fulfills a need to get jolted out of a rut. Bake a cake; cook an easy casserole; whip up flavored cream cheese. In the clothing arena, banish the feeling of listlessness with a hemline change or by creating some new looks with scarves.

4. Know that looking great is its own revenge.

Are you dealing with a breakup, which is why you've been pining for a makeover? That's normal -- the post-breakup style overhaul has been well-documented. Even if you're feeling lower-than-low, you can keep your friends on the lookout for something to lift your spirits -- isn't that what they're for?

5. Do something ALONE.

This is a weird one, but you know that feeling of supreme accomplishment you get when you've done a ton and still have energy. It's like a workout glow, only more productive -- and you'll get the same glow when you go dancing or go to a yoga class on your own. Forget the friend support systems, as nice as they are, and depend on yourself. It's a great feeling, one that could get you moving in the right direction in other areas of your life.

6. Get a new lipstick.

Doing easy things is the best way to jumpstart your makeover -- like buying a new lipstick, for example. Step in the shop -- I would prefer somewhere classier for the full experience -- and then browse to your heart's content. Look at all the shades and tints, even the ones you usually don't consider, and then ask a professional's advice to start narrowing down the categories.

7. Don't forget to update your supplies.

And by "supplies," I mean those you keep in your purse for touch-ups and emergenies. Go through your lipstick and pull out all the old, stubby ones; dig through your bag and make a list of what needs to be bought the next time you head to the drugstore. And then? Look for the perfect new purse.

8. Prep larger quantities of homemade beauty products.

I scoff at beauty gurus who expect us to forage in our fridges until we find the perfect [insert vegetable here] to tame our angry skin. Not going to happen! However, I can see buying brown or corase sugar in bulk and making a large amount of scrub in a tub for the next shower rub-down. That's a way to save money and get some beautifying benefits, too.

9. Throw out old underwear.

Oprah says that we should buy underwear way more often than we actually do -- like every year at least. I took her advice to heart and dumped out all the old lingerie that had shot elastics and funny rips. Forget period panties; these should have been relegated to the rag bin long ago!

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