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Dress Up in a Flash

Get Ready Quickly!


Are you in a rush? These tips will have you out the door in no time.

1. Grab a topper.

Choose something that you can toss over a layering dress -- like a shirtdress worn over and optionally belted, for example, or a long, thin sweater with the ties won at the back and knotted. You can also try rolling up the sleeves to just to the elbows and buttoning it just in the middle for a tighter, more tailored fit. I love the look of jewel tones thrown in the mix, and you might, too.

2. Pull on a new pair of tights.

Black opaque tights are a great pick, but you don’t need to stop there! We Love Colors is a fantastically inspirational stop for women who like bright colors and who want to disguise their legs a little for winter’s sake. Look for lace or over high-denier tights, which look more expensive.

3. Go for boots.

Expensive boots, with natural soles and heels. Cut the scrimping and saving and just get a single pair this season. Soft microfiber is more than welcome when you want a good fit; suede is richer looking if you don’t have a lot of cash for leather that’s fairly high quality. Wooden heels and leather soles are the mark of expensive footwear, so keep your eyes peeled and consider keeping a pair at your desk in the winter when there’s a possibility of an after-work date.

4. Employ a cape.

I know, you’re saying -- cape?! It can be a tough thing to swallow, but trust me -- capes add that certain drama that you need when you’re trying to jazz things up. All you need to do is clamp one on around your neck or toss it lightly around your shoulders, and you are done! I don’t think there’s an easier way to make a pair of trousers from work look good.

5. Short-sleeved problem?

Wear statement gloves. Try to find a pair of indoor gloves that can be worn with a dress or feminine suit -- like a satin or leather pair of statement gloves that can really add something special to your look. Glossy black is a great standby, as are gloves that are available in opera length.

6. Sunglasses + big hat = glam.

If you have no time and little money, try tossing on a big statement hat and then a pair of huge shades for the day. You will look glamorous and composed, and better yet, you won’t have to spend any money on your look.

7. Switch your purse.

A big statement bag -- or a bright one -- can add a ton of flair to your look. If you have a friend with a great bag and you can’t go home to change yours, consider asking them if you can switch for the night. If you can’t, simply try tying a scarf to the handles or straps and adding some spice to your look. A large, silk, and oblong scarf looks best.

8. Play with proportions and layer it up.

Do you have a soft spot for layering? Then top a tunic with a tight sweater a get a new look, or blouse out the same tunic after tucking it into the waistband of your skirt or trousers, adding a hip-slung belt for new proportions.

9. Work your color-blocking.

Instead of trying to match things up when things are looking sparse, find jewel tones that complement each other like sunny yellow and bright purple or the same purple and a bright grass green. Play around with red and blue, too -- but don’t knot a scarf around your neck with that one unless you want to have a flight attendant vibe!

10. Aim for the stars with sparkle.

Wear a plain black shift when you don’t have time to change, but pack just a smidgen of sparkle dust on your shoulders and knees. Amp up the shine with a new look.

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