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8 Things I Learned from Molly Ringwald

Reading Getting the Pretty Back


I thought Molly Ringwald’s book, Getting the Pretty Back, was really interesting – even though she could have talked a bit more about herself personally and a little less about lipstick. There were gems in the book, and it’s worth taking a peek to see what they were and how to try them on for size. ESPECIALLY if you love The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink.

1. Beware the Underminer

Is there someone around who makes you raise your eyebrows? That would be your secret underminer, the person who seems to give good advice, but who’s actually operating with a negative plan in mind for you. They might seem like your best friend, but they aren’t – and you can’t trust their advice about anything… including clothes. And if you have a friend who keeps calling things “fun” (like your new haircut), beware – they are dangerous.

2. Play with Your Hair

Play with your hair and don’t be afraid to try a new look! Molly Ringwald has long embraced short hair, but now she’s growing it just a little bit longer and is still embracing that red. I love that she’s one of few actresses who stuck with the pixie and short bobs for so long – she really looks stunning with short hair.

3. Invest in a Pricier Scarf

I have a long, black silk scarf that is incredibly luxurious when I wear it. I feel spoiled when I swing around in it, even though it has some white marks on the ends. Molly recommends that we all look for a scarf that can be worn again and again – and she’s all about Hermes. I can’t afford Hermes, but I will shop for a scarf that’s at least top-quality for my budget.

4. Use the Silver Screen as Inspiration

Recognizing the right looks isn’t easy, but Molly says that films can help you! The actress admits that she’s been known to look at actresses like Catherine Deneuve for guidance, and then develop her own look with similar flavor. One of her favorites? Deneuve’s trenchcoat-and-turtleneck style for winter. I used to love turtlenecks – maybe I will start embracing them again.

5. Get Rid of Your T-Shirts

Toss the tees, Molly says. You know those t-shirts you have with stupid sayings and logos? She wants you to trash all of them and find something fresh. I can understand why – even if you say you’ll just wear them at home, doesn’t your significant other deserve to see you wearing something a little more flattering? I totally get where Molly is coming from with this. I still have trouble with balancing comfort and style when it comes to home wear. (I really just want to let it all hang out!)

6. Take the Time to Know Yourself

Find time for yourself, for your beauty, for your life and for yourself. As a woman without children, it helps me put in perspective my complaints about not having time to do things. Without children to care for, I should be able to balance my life just a little bit better. What about you? How do you find balance?

7. Find the Perfect Lipstick

Hate cakey lipstick? Join the club! I have a few lipsticks and never wear them – I prefer sticky glosses that I can reapply at will. Molly’s right about finding the best color for you – once you determine your favorite shade, life is a lot easier. My favorite color gloss is mauve-ish, followed by a true pink. I like ones with shimmer!

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