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'60s Fashion Inspiration

Getting Looks from the Past


Are you a fashion lover looking for new inspiration? The '60s were one of the most inventive decades, with some of the best looks originating during one of the most experimental decades. Even if you don't dress vintage, even if you wear a size 30, you can still get into some of the separates-matching stuff that made the 1960s so fun.

1. Mod Dresses

Trapeze dresses, a-line styles, fun empire type dresses -- they are all great items to enjoy wearing when you want to minimize the midsection or just embrace some comfort. Sleeveless is beautiful with a tall stack of bangles, and you know what? A turtleneck worn underneath a loose dress is a cool '60s look, especially with hoop earrings and shiny leather boots.

2. Fishnets

Fishnets aren't an exclusively '60s thing, and I know that they can look trashy, but if you watch enough '60s program, then they start to grow on you. Flesh colored fishnets are my favorite, but classic black are always welcome in my closet. You can also wear yours with a mini for an additional '60s push.

3. Bright Brooches

Bright brooches, colorful pins, and cool accessories -- the '60s were a great time to shop in general, especially if you liked those novelty things like big flowers, mushrooms, butterflies, and more. If you shop somewhere like Etsy, you'll be able to find all these brooches and more: metal flowers, plastic geometric pins, big wooden brooches, and lots of fun stuff.

4. Train Cases

A lot of us might take the train to work, but less of us take the train on long-haul trips. Train cases were perfect places for traveling ladies of the 1960s and before to stow away their makeup, jewelry, and more. You'll be able to source a treasure trove of different train cases, from alligator to pebbled leather. Just check yours for any mildew smells or stains before you buy.

5. Button-Back Dresses and Blouses

These dresses are great, and they are almost impossible to find. A thick button placket running down the back just adds a certain something, and that something simply isn't around anymore. These shirts and dresses are hard to do up on your own, so enlist a boyfriend, husband, roommate or best friend to do up the back for you. If the dress you chose is super short (so many '60s dresses are), layer it or wear it with the thickest, highest denier tights you can find.

6. Sweater Dresses with Self-Belts

Ka-bam! If you want to look sophisticated in your office, then you have to try a dress like this. In luminous green, it's arresting; in purple, it's adorable. A little flair at the hips and a small crew neckline, and you have everything you need to get ahead. Career girl features were in every magazine in the 1960s, and you can easily play the part. Toss a cardigan around your shoulders for the full effect, too.

7. Suits

A suit for a special outing? How about a suit for shopping or something similar? Women who dress up for shopping are few and far between, but there's something endearing about slipping into your best dress and heading out to the department stores for a browse. Try it just one time, and you'll end up browsing better and getting better service.

8. Whimsical Dresses

Look for dresses with unusual prints and patterns -- the '60s were a time of cool patterns like victoriana, americana, and more. Unusual graphics make these pieces so fascinating, and you certainly can't get a minidress with a horse and carriage emblazoned on it anymore.

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