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Sophisticated Plus-Size Fashion Sources


Do you have a more refined taste for fashion? Are you looking for more professional looks that suit you? I've started my own list of classic plus-sized shops online to help you find more tailored styles, and fast.

1. Liz Claiborne

Photo (c) Liz Claiborne
Classic looks include picnic tees, straight-legged jeans, and colors like juicy orange or fresh green. If you are looking for weekend or work outfits with slightly more subdued lines (and that match perfectly with Keds!), I recommend stopping by here.

2. Nordstrom

Photo (c) Nordstrom
A mixture of the divine and pure design. . . Nordstrom is a great resource for interviews, special events, and weddings. Many of their looks following the "below 14" styles a little more closely, which can be helpful if you aren't into "strictly plus" designs.

3. Beige (UK Only)

The site photography might need a little improvement (ahem!), but full-figured shoppers in the UK will be happy to find designs from Elena Miro, Elena Grunert, and more. Lots of beaded details and dressier occasionwear suited for the more mature shopper.

4. Anna Scholz

Photo (c) Anna Scholz
Designer jeans, silk jackets and tops... I'm in heaven! Anna Scholz offers designer items from the more luxurious side of life for lounging, for socializing, and of course for your day job. Click on for her multicolored bright floral prints.

5. Lord & Taylor

Photo (c) Lord and Taylor
This source was a little bit hidden, and despite being in Lord and Taylor many times, I wasn't aware that they had a "Plus" dedicated shop! L & T is one of my top sources for blousier pieces that are slightly more deconstructed, as well as totally trendy picks.

6. Macy's

Photo (c) Macys
Don't forget about department stores when you are on your search. Macy's is a good stop for more casual pieces for vacations and the beach, plus things like jackets and cover ups.

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