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Stores & Shopping

Learn about the greatest online plus-size shopping sources for any budget. Refresh your memory with pre-shopping tips and browse through retailer profiles to find your plus-size clothes today.
  1. Online Shops (59)
  2. Plus-Size Vintage Clothes (13)
  3. Shopping Tips and Guides (27)

Etsy Picks for Fall 2011
Shop up a storm at Etsy!

How to Shop Effectively at JCPenney
The JCPenney shopping guide brings you plus-size tips.

Plus-Size Shopping Tips
Do you have any shopping tips for plus-sized women?

Sophisticated Plus-Size Fashion Sources
Do you have a more refined taste for fashion? Are you looking for more professional looks that suit you? I've started my own list of classic plus-sized shops online to help you find more tailored styles, and fast.

Top Plus-Size Lingerie Sources
Check out a more detailed list of top plus-sized lingerie shops online, and what to expect from each.

Your Worst Plus-Size Shopping Experience
What has been your worst plus-size shopping experience?

5 Reasons To Put Lane Bryant Back On Your Fashion Radar

How To Shop Plus Size Fashion and Look Fabulous On A Budget

Plus Size Fashion YouTubers to Know
This article talks about plus size youtube channels. Youtubers include, Passion Jonesz, Im Fashionably Late, Stylish Curves, and the Big Girl Blog.

Plus Size Boutiques To Shop
Article highlighting brick & mortar plus size boutiques around the US. Plus size boutiques are located in Chicago, St. Louis, New York, etc.

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