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Great Buys at Talbots


Shopping at Talbots? I list some goodies that I always make sure I pick up when I'm checking out the site. This is the kind of advice I wish I could get for some of the stores I love!

1. Lightweight Cardigans

They are so incredibly soft, wear great, and look fabulous! I am kicking myself about only getting one when they were on super-sale, but there you go... a tip so the next time there’s an awesome Red Hanger sale, you don’t make the same mistake I did. You can get these sweaters monogrammed for just $10, too. The chunky cardigans at Talbots are less satisfying for me. They are wider and often shorter, which adds a certain bulk to my frame that I just don’t need. They are still high quality and attractive, but the drape and slimness that you get with a lightweight cardigan is gone.

2. Loose Dirndl skirts

If you are curvy, then a lot of Talbots pieces probably won’t fit quite right. I notice that many of their items are the classic “American” fit that we see nowaday, with the wider waist, the slightly smaller hips, and a slightly higher waistline (to accommodate a tummy roll or wider waistline). The best dirndl skirts I have gotten from Talbots are constructed from incredibly light fabrics, like silk and crepe. I would size down if you are on the curvier side.

3. Ankle Pants

Talbots’ ankle pants are the best, ever. They are totally worth paying to get tailored and are impeccable-looking, too. I can’t gush about them enough -- they are beautiful. The fit is divine, the same is outstanding, and guess what? They’re quite often on sale. I think it’s the same, because “ankle pants” doesn’t exactly have a great ring to it. I always keep my eye on the silk faille pants, which are particularly luxurious.

4. Fitted Jackets

Fitted jackets from Talbots are an exceptionally great buy. They are pricey, but again, they are often on sale. I find that summertime is the best time of the year to grab jackets, because the Red Hanger Sale inches up towards 90 percent. Avoid the shiny silk dupioni, which are extremely high-maintenance and very flashy, and instead pick up jackets in twill, flannel, and sateen. I have noticed that many of Talbots’ blends attracted a lot of lint, so I recommended not buying too many pieces in black.

5. Trouser Jeans

I’m not going to mince words: a lot of Talbots’ jeans just fit plain ‘ol weird. However, they do have a nice bunch of options in terms of fit. YOu can grab a “signature” or a “curvy” style, for example, which means that you get a different rise with each. Trouser jeans are a sneaky way to incorporate jeans into the working fold. I like them with blazrs and long tunics, preferably belted and worn with coordinating shoes!

6. Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is soft and feels like you’re treating yourself -- which is weird, since pima cotton is sort of a basic. Regardless, Talbots’ pima cotton feels great and looks even better, and I think it’s very reasonably priced, too. I like their striped cardigans and light-colored, button-down items the best, but I would be lying if I said their tanks and tops weren’t perfect, too.

7. Bonus - Jewelry!

Talbots’ enameled bracelets are pretty and oh-so-bright -- and you always find them on sale. I’m not much for cheap baubles, but I think that these ones have vintage appeal. Look for ones in bright pink and orange, as well as ones with silver and gold rings.

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