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How to Choose Your Wedding Guest Attire


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Select Wedding Guest Attire
How to Choose Your Wedding Guest Attire

The Igigi.com plus-sized halter dress is a rich color and is available in an essential cocktail length.

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You can usually find out whether the wedding is casual, semi-formal, formal, or white tie by the invitation. Save yourself some guesswork and check it first.

Tips and Tricks for Daytime Weddings:

  • Informal: Try a suit or a dress that hits around the knees. Get creative and look for colors like peach, light greens, and soft blues.

  • Semi-Formal: Wear a conservative dress or suit in an appropriate color. Add a touch of formality refined accessories and pumps. The Marilyn Halter Dress from Igigi.com is perfect for a cool weather wedding, and can easily get dressed-up with pearl earrings and a wrap.

  • Formal: Choose a short dress or suit, and add a traditional touch with a hat and shoes.

Tip: If you're getting ready for an informal wedding in the morning, you can choose business attire instead. Talbot's is great for jackets and skirts.
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