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Your Plus-Size Body Type


Having trouble getting looks that work for you? Flattering your body types can make a significant difference. Learn about all the body types and what looks best on them today.

  1. Know Your Body Type
  2. Body Type Shopping
  3. Fit Tips for All
  4. Enhancing Your Shape
  5. Solving Wardrobe Malfunctions

Know Your Body Type

Before you decide what looks to get, figure out your exact body type with these guides. If you fit more than one category for top and bottom, jump around between sections dedicated for tops and jeans for each body type. There are also denim suggestions for every body type.

Body Type Shopping

Found a great site and you're not quite sure what works best on your body? Read through these suggestions for apple, busty, athletic, or pear shapes. You will find targeted suggestions for optimum fit, with budget-conscious buys in mind, for sizes up to 32.

Fit Tips for All

Not sure about your shape? Check out these handy tips to get you on track in a flash. From denim to outerwear, you can access this special list of general plus-friendly selections, and look amazing in just a small amount of time.

Enhancing Your Shape

Do you want to make the most of what you've got? Allow these helpful hints to lift that bust, whittle your waist, and elongate your legs. A plus-size figure is even more gorgeous when it is smoothed and flawless. Let those curves speak for themselves, and maximum your natural shape.

Solving Wardrobe Malfunctions

If you have trouble with the fit of your plus-size selections, then you might want to check out this section on solving wardrobe malfunctions, for any shape. You will find ways to get the perfect fit, as well as buy clothes that fit you better. Take a look around and start shopping smart.

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