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About Plus-Size Readers' Choice Awards Finalists 2011 - Vote Now!


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Best Wide Foot Shop 2011
wide-foot shoe labels
Photo (c) Barefoot Tess, Duo Boots, and Evans (Right to left)

Note: Voting is now over, and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 on About Plus-Size.

Some of us have large feet, others have wider feet, some of us have it bad and have a combination of the two. Thankfully, the shopping world has gotten better and better when it comes to dressing our feet up right, and we can find custom footwear or shoes up to size 13 online. These nominees again represent national and international choices and surpassed others by a landslide--but this one is going to be very close.

Poll:What Is the Best Wide-Foot Shoe Shop?

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