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Plus-Size User Answer Guide

Answer Them All!


I've written a bunch of user answers, and it can be hard to find them around the site. Check out the list to your plus-size user answer polls here, and click through to add your opinion.

1. What's Your Fave Fashion Tip?

Weigh in on plus-size fashion tips that you love, or ones that you wish you had known sooner.

2. What Do You Love About You?

We share what we love about ourselves, from curvy hips to cupid's bow lips! No negativity allowed in this space; it's a plus-size self-love list.

3. Is There Anything You Won't Wear?

If there's an item that's unflattering or just plain yucky to you, you have a chance to list it here. Feel free to explain why--curious parties would love to know.

4. Do You Buy Expensive Plus Clothes?

If you are a budget shopper, do you save up for a few investment pieces, or are you more the type to stick to the simple sales? Share how much you're willing to spend, and why.

5. How Can Plus-Size Girls Go Green?

Join the eco-friendly club and share your tips! It's very difficult to be a plus-size eco-friendly shopper, so we should be banning together to save as much as we can. Plus-size eco-friendly label suggestions are welcome here, too.

6. Who's Your Fashion Icon?

List your favorite fashion icon, from the contemporary to the archaic. Plus-size and non plus are totally welcome in this list, so go to town.

7. What Are the Most Comfortable Shoes?

When a plus-size woman needs wide calf or wide width shoes, where should she go? Share your tips for our readers here.

8. What's the Worst Plus-Size Fashion Mistake One Can Make?

While you're not living by fashion "rules," it's important to know what works and what doesn't. Let's share some of the very worst errors out there.

9. Where Do You Like to Buy Winter Coats?

Weigh in on your outerwear secrets.

10. What Are Your Shopping Tips for Plus?

As a plus-size shopper, what have you learned over the years? Are there any tips that you would like to share with your fellow plus bargain hunters?
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