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Plus-Size Modeling Agencies


Are you looking to become a plus-size model? Check out some of the top modeling agencies and what they're about.

1. Close Models (UK)

Close Models boasts impressive plus-size models in its ranks, including Charlotte Coyle, who began as a plus-size model for Torrid covers and is now represented by several international agencies.

2. Ford 12+ Division

Besides being home to one of the best-known model searches on the planet, Ford has a formidable number of plus-size models in the ranks. Another plus? Offices are located in a wide variety of cities, and not just in the U.S. You can find Ford + Divisions in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

3. Wilhelmina ten20 Division

Wilhelmina represents a good number of high-powered (and gorgeous) plus-size models in the country, and has its own ten20 division located in L.A.

4. Dorothy Combs Models

This Miami modeling agency represents models sized 10+ and represents some "true" plus-size models of larger proportions, like model Yanderis Lodos.

5. Goddess Models

This agency has a fabulously large portfolio of plus-size models, which is promising in itself. With offices in New York, they cover commercial print, fit, fashion print, commercials, and showroom for sizes 10 and up.

6. Irene Marie

You'll find Irenie Marie in Miami, and while the portfolios are password-protected, you'll be impressed by their selection of models to manage, who include gorgeous Anne Loukachenets and Rachel Wakulchyk.

7. 12 Plus UK

12 Plus UK has a rather slick site with access to all their top plus-sizes models' links. Their "Be a Model" link is encouraging and explains exactly what you'll need to submit for consideration.

8. Agence Plus (Paris)

This agency in Paris instantly makes we plus-size women feel and look as sexy as we really are. Two models of note who are represented by Agence are Charlotte Coyle and Anabelle Urslet, both of whom are not only dazzling, but becoming more and more successful in the plus-size fashion scene.

9. Model Team (Hamburg, Germany)

Model Team has secured an impressive roster of plus-size models, including Charlotte Coyle (yes, again!). This agency's modern European design is rather enticing and glamorous, and it's certainly worth a look.

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