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Quotes from Plus-Size Models, Pt.2


I always get letters from plus-size modeling hopefuls, and I love to publish their notes! Here are a few quotes from models to get you revved up.

1. Laura Wells I

I believe that being healthy is a mixture of physical and emotional health. Having a balanced diet and exercise routine is a must have. Its fine to treat yourself but over-indulging can get the best of you on most occasions. I try to mix up my diet and exercise so that I don’t get bored or stuck in the same routine. When I go to the gym, I usually do the classes they offer, as I need some form of motivation and the class and the teacher provide that.

2. Laura Wells II

I usually go for something that hugs my curves, otherwise I can tend to look like a brick. A figure hugging dress, leggings, and boots are at the front of the wardrobe right now as it is winter in Sydney. I also love a good pair of fitted jeans. I love my jeans from Embody Denim. They fit perfectly and look awesome.

3. Lara Johnson I

It’s a great time to be curvy! Stop worrying about being a size 6. Be healthy and enjoy life!

4. Jordan Tesfay I

Be patient, stay grounded, appreciate every job and save your money.

5. Jordan Tesfay II

I think [the Curvy Revolution] is great. There are so many beautiful models that are finally getting the attention they deserve.

6. Jordan Tesfay III

I was always a big, curvy girl. I was tall and very womanly early on. Middle and high school were not my favorite years. All the popular girls were small and cute, and I was called 'ogre' and 'hulk'. I had very low self esteem and was constantly yo-yo dieting. My mom and older women I met would warn me that things would turn around as I got older, and they did. I absolutely love my body now.

7. Liris Crosse

I’m resourceful. I am driven…and that same passion carries over into my family and my friends. When I call somebody my friend, I have their back. When somebody’s my man, I love them completely with my heart and soul. Over the years I have been blessed to have a certain amount of charisma where I’ve just been able to meet all types of people from all walks of life who do so many different things. I’m the type of person who people can call and they can find/locate almost anything. I’m almost like a six degrees of separation from a lot of people…I don’t like to give up. No matter how many setbacks, I still have a goal in my head and I always will so I can win. I just try to keep going despite the setbacks that you go through or the trials and tribulations. There’s a quote…sometimes you get problems or situations in your way because God wants to see how much you want it. So, you can never say I don’t want it because I never give up.

8. Emme I

"There are more bloggers, there are more Internet sites, and advertisers want to please these women. If you are not doing what they want then you are not going to make money in the future."

9. Emme II

“Your actions make a difference. Just don’t do anything, do something!”

10. Emme III

“Activism starts with the mindset that diversity exists.”

11. Emme IV

“Great self esteem comes from inside and feels hot and wonderful.”

12. Whitney Thompson

"The thing that makes me different from the other plus-size models is I'm not just going in saying, 'I'm really pretty and I don't want to diet, so I'm going to be a plus-size model.' That's not my mentality at all. I'm saying I'm here to change things so that little girls have someone to look up to. I'm here to fight the eating disorder battle that millions of people are having and I'm standing up and saying that's not okay. Frankly, I can't fail. I will not fail."

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