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Size Appeal Review


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Size Appeal Review
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Size Appeal's dresses have a generous fit and an appropriate length for women 5'6” and over, and the length is modern without being either marmish or short. A touch of stretch keeps things in their place without an of that uncomfortable ride-up.


Items are equivalent to price, and you can find plenty of deals on this budget-friendly site. I was impressed with the variety of fabrics available: you can choose from chiffon, satin, and fun lurex.


I highy recommend this fit for teens shoppers looking for junior or contemporary fit items. For those of us who don't shopin the junior section but can't resist, I recommended sizing up one to two sizes when purchasing Size Appeal items.

Recommended Items

  • Basic Tops: Check out their tops, which are slightly longer than normal and will cover the midriff easily.

  • Party Dresses: Look for dresses with generous sleeves for an easy fit.

  • Work Shirts: Button-down tops with sashes work perfectly under fitted jackets.

User Reviews

 1 out of 5
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice..., Member Zenyatta1978

Shame on me. Double charged my credit card and took 3 weeks to refund, cheaply made clothing, difficult to return, and an outright nasty customer service department. Avoid at all costs.

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