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Hips and Curves Shopping Review

Getting to Know a New Full-Figured Lingerie Shop

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Hips and Curves Shopping Review
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Looking for a new lingerie source? I definitely was, and that's why I got in touch with Hips and Curves to find out what they offer for the plus woman. Not only can you get bras up to a respectable size 52 H, but you can also find panties in sizes 6X and styles designed exclusively for fuller figures.

What drew me to Hips and Curves was more than just sizing: it was a dedication to bringing sexiness back through fun pieces. From fantasy wigs to demure corsets to an entire vinyl section, you're can infuse some real romance into your life.


One of Hips and Curves' strongest points is their plus-size selection. I was extremely impressed as soon as I started browsing the site, because they offer simple basics for a younger demographic as well as more mature styles like high-waist briefs and full-coverage bras. In addition, there are fantasy selections, bridalwear pieces, and loungewear items available. Even the raciest of selections is presented tastefully, and on real plus-size models who look more like us.


Hips and Curves offers good quality for the price, and you can select from a variety of different brands. One brand that I thought offered exceptional quality for cost was Le Mystere, which offers pieces in smooth microfiber with the appearance of quality laser-cut items that you can pick up from other shops like Victoria's Secret. Microfiber doesn't age as fast as cotton or other synthetics, and this is important for any budget-minded shopper: no pilling, no rumpling, no tearing, and no separated elastic.

I definitely recommend purchasing smooth-cup bras from Hips and Curves. Edges are finished off perfectly to avoid wear-and-tear, and straps are soft and do not dig into the shoulders and back. There are no lumps and bumps to poke out from underneath shirts, and that includes in-between between seams and near underwire.


Hips and Curves is true-to-size, meaning that you shouldn't have to size up or down like you do on some other plus sites. Any recommended sizing changes are noted on the website, such as corset sizing with a snug bust fit (recommended sizing adjustment: 1 up). Some specialty panties of interest, such as the trend-forward “Rows of Ruffles” is available in the one-size-fits-all of plus sizes: the queen. From my personal experience with queen sizes (although not with Hips and Curves directly), you can be sure of a comfortable fit between size 1-3X. Bra sizing is standard, although I personally recommend buying one cup size larger if you have a full upper breast and chest area to avoid the dreaded "overspill" effect.

Customer Service

You can expect to have all questions answered directly from Hips and Curves. Inquiries are answered promptly.

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