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eShakti Review

Discovering Custom Plus-Sized Clothes

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eShakti Review
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eShakti tempted me for a long time, and that's when I decided to give them a thorough checking out! Custom sizing isn't something that many plus-sized women are used to, and this brand provides careful shaping and grading for virtually any size-- for a nominal fee. Even if you love custom items, you're probably wondering about the quality... and you'll have to read more to discover all the ins and outs of this plus-sized brand!


Items from eShakti are available in cotton, wool, silk, or polyester, and are often embellished with beading, applique, decorative stitchery, and more. Items are hand-decorated or human-guided using a technically advanced system, and they stand out amongst other embellished items I have seen offered.


To preserve all pieces and increase cost-for-wear, I recommend washing items in cool water by hand. That being said, the “official” care instructions are far more generous, and will allow busy individuals to care for these special garments without too much fuss. Some items can be machine washed and air-dried, such as plain silks and plain thread embroidery, for example.


This is an area where eShakti soared above the competition: items are extemely well crafted and carefully constructed. Seams are fully finished (unlike some comparably priced items available from other brands), and if you inspect clothes closely, you will be able to see hand sewing such as tacking and finishing right on the piece.

Since many of the pieces offered from eShakti are unique, they become showcase selections in your wardrobe. Each item is designed with creative elements like ruffles, button plackets, beaded sections, and yoke panels, which allows them to stand alone with jeans or with slacks.

Return Policy

For returns in the U.S. and U.K., you can send back unworn items to a U.S. address located on the website within ten days, despite the fact that items are actually produced and sent from eShakti's main office in Chennai, India. This proves to be very convenient for customers, particularly when combined with individualized customer service.

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