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CrocsRx Shoe Review

Just What the Doctor Ordered, Indeed.

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CrocsRx Shoe Review
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I was very pleasantly surprised by the CrocsRx line. Not only are the shoes designed with "medical concerns" in mind, but they have a few stylish surprises along the way.

Medical Aspect

While I don't have major foot problems, I have a good deal of minor issues that are addressed effectively in the Crocs line. I have suffered from foot odor in the past (do you know when shoes get so musty they need to be thrown away?), and Crocs makes the Silver Fox and Silver Cloud styles anti-fungal/anti-bacterial with an infusion of silver particles. They are extremely soft (almost rubbery) plastic, which means that bunions and ingrowns are not irritated by the material from which the shoes are constructed.

I was particularly impressed that "The Cloud" style shoe is approved by the APMA and endorsed by United States Ergonomics. You can feel it right away!


I think that the Silver Fox is the most fashionable of Crocs offerings: it is available in a ballet slipper style with a stacked heel and an asymmetrical foot strap-- very nice! They aren't overly rounded at the toes, so they don't scream "ergonomic."

If you prefer a slip-on style, I recommend selecting styles according to your needs. Each style is targeted for certain foot concerns, such as Arthritis, Diabetes, and Poor Circulation. If you have some wiggle room and are looking for a stylish pair in a larger size than 10, I like the "Relief" style, which does not feature the usual holes like traditional Crocs. Brown and black are both excellent color selections for low-key comfort.

If you need to wear medical socks, look into "Orthocloud" socks in black, which you could wear underneath the "Relief" style without much showing at all. These sock styles fight swollen feet, achy feet, and impaired circulation.


CrocsRx seem to run one size larger than usual. I wear a size 10 and actually need a 9 in the Silver Fox Crocs, which is great for women with larger feet! A size 10 should fit a size 11 foot, although this will won't apply to every woman.

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