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Achieve The Plus Size Boho Look With These Brands & Tips

Where To Find Plus Size Boho Items And Tips On Wearing Plus Size Boho


Rachel Pally

Rachel Pally

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Alloy Apparel
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As a new California resident, I notice that the boho vibe is very prevalent.  Everything is extremely relaxed here.  I am a huge fan of the boho, but polished look that I see some of the girls pull off here.  Surprisingly, there are a few plus size brands that cater to just this aesthetic.  Let's check them out.  

Rachel Pally - Rachel Pally caters to both straight and plus sizes and all items are made out of a super soft and stretchy jersey.  Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are among the many celebrities that patron this designer.  The White Label specifically caters to plus sizes.  Personally, I have several pieces from this line and the items the epitome of polished but comfortable boho fashion.  

Babooshka Boutique - An etsy designer that does super relaxed, but chic pieces.  Technically this designer only goes up to an XL, but the pieces are so oversized that they would work for plus easily. In fact, the designer herself says that her clients range from a size 0 - 24.   It is also rumored that the brand will include plus sizes soon.  

Neiman Marcus - Although this is not brand, but a retailer, Neiman Marcus carries a lot of pieces that would be considered boho in their plus size section.  They have lots of luxe tunics and jersey pieces that could easily be incorporated into you boho wardrobe.  

Alloy - Alloy offers lots of maxi dresses, relaxed fitting maxi skirts, and  some of those dainty lace cool girl dresses (see right). This retailer is definitely for those seeking budget friendly apparel with most items priced below $50

So now you've got your boho pieces, how do you wear them?  I figured I would include a few tips on how to wear the boho trend.

Hem It:  Boho involves a lot of maxi dresses and one my pet peeves is when I see something drag the floor and literally get filthy. Take the time to hem your dresses.  About an inch to an inch and a half above the ground usually works for me. You can use a tailor, do it yourself, or use hem tape.    This tip also keeps you looking polished as well as comfy. 

Accessorize It:  Boho, because it's so relaxed can sometimes look like loungewear.  Clearly define  your look as an outfit by adding in statement jewelry.  I, personally, like a big chunky necklace and oversized shades to really give it that "put together" look.  You can also add in a fabulous bag and some cool wedges as well. 

Oversize, but define:  With boho a lot of the items are going to be oversized and free flowing. Personally I like the oversized look, but if you are not comfortable with this and feel it may be too "tentish" for you, here are a couple of things you can do. The first is to define your waist and add shape by simply adding in a skinny belt.  Also, under oversized tops you can add a pencil skirt or add a fitted tee to a flow-y maxi skirt to create shape.  

Whether you want the boho look to be your signature style or you just want to incorporate it into your wardrobe occasionally, these tips and brands should get your started and on your way to boho chic in no time.  




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