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5 Reasons To Put Lane Bryant Back On Your Fashion Radar

Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant


Lane Bryant
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Lane Bryant
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If you are a plus size woman then you know Lane Bryant.  It is the retailer that is the most widely recognized for producing plus size fashion. In the recent years, with the rapid influx of plus size retailers and designers, a lot of us loyal shoppers started to shop elsewhere for the fashion that we wanted that was being provided by other places. Personally,  I would maybe walk into an Lane Bryant and purchase actual clothing once a year. With last night's runway preview of their Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant Collection, I think they may have gained a lot new customers from the old ones.  The presentation of the new collection was amazing. It's the fashion that us fashion girls, who happen to be plus size, have been dreaming about.  With this in mind, I'd like to give you a few of my reasons that you put Lane Bryant back on your fashion radar. 

  1. Mainstream Designer Collections - Might as well state the obvious first.  Last night's runway presentation of Isabel Toledo's Collection for Lane Bryant showed us that a mainstream fashion collaboration can be done successfully. We have been left out of dozens of designer collaborations so many times by other retailers, it feels good to get something just for us that is just as fashionable.   See the show here.  Exciting enough, the plus size retailer is already working on their second designer lingerie collaboration with Sophia Theallet.  Lane Bryant already has a fancy lingerie section, but now you tell me it's going to be fancier.  You mean I can look as stunning as the girls at the beginning of the Devil Wears Prada movie before I even get dressed. (Cues music.
  2. Plus Size Fashion Is Just Fashion - With the new collaboration still dancing in my head, I feel like Lane Bryant is approaching plus size fashion in a new way.  They are approaching it as just fashion and offering us what the straight size girls get.  So many times plus size clothing is plagued with the details that let you know the clothing is plus size, such as un-called for keyholes, the v-neck button up, and the box skirt.  Lane Bryant is offering us proof in that, we too, can get items just as fashionable.  
  3. Real Plus Size Models - This is a controversial one, but about 90% of last night's models were really plus size.  They were on the smaller side of plus size, but from the fit of the clothing you could tell there were a majority of plus size 14s and 16s walking the runway.  I've never been one to care much about the model, but with the controversy of the use of non-plus size models, I finally get it.  Women gage the fit of an item based on the model's size and if that doesn't remotely represent their body then it's hard to figure out how it will look on themselves. 
  4. Brick and Mortar - One of the very few retailers to offer an actual place you can walk in and shop, I am excited about being able to walk into a Lane Bryant and buy these new fashion-forward finds right on a rack as opposed to waiting 5 - 7 business day for my items to arrives. Maybe there is a little room for last minute plus size shopping after all.  
  5. Caters To A Variety of Plus Size Customers -  I can see Lane Bryant is working to appeal to a variety of plus size shoppers.  They are looking to appeal to the fashion girl, the sophisticated woman, and their traditional plus size customer.  We are definitely not all the same, but having something for all is definitely a great thing. 

In the words of Miranda Priestly, "I have hope. God, I live my life on it." With that being said, I have so much hope for Lane Bryant's re-emergence as the leader in plus size fashion.  All signs point to fashion and I, for one, am ready!

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