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Igigi Rainy Day Trench Review

Finding the Perfect Coat

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trench coat from igigi
Photo (c) Igigi
Do you have a few trench coats in your repertoire? The trench is a genius pick for fall and spring, but a good, non-frumpy version is hard to find. What's even harder to track down is a trench coat that doesn't bind the bust or look too utilitarian. Aware of the Rainy Day Trench's popularity, I decided to have a look for myself.


The first thing that struck me about this coat was the fabric. Unlike the stiffer cotton and shiny nylon usually represented in rainy-day gear, this trench is constructed from an unusually soft, matte nylon with a little texture. The lining is luxuriously soft and adds to the drape and hand of the trench coat.


The bust is cut generously here, with a deep neckline that has a wide ruffle arcing down the front. I found that the neckline seems to hang or gap a bit when the trench coat is completely closed and tied, and I wasn't sure if that was part of the design. It does not affect the comfort of the piece, and it may very well have happened to me because the jacket torso was a little bigger.

The sleeves on this jacket are tailored and aren't generously cut. They are quite elegant in appearance, but only when wearing a short-sleeved piece underneath the jacket, or after having sized up. I do recommend sizing up if you have thicker arms, for comfort's sake.

Regarding the overall fit and silhouette, I wonder if I would have liked a trench with less of an a-line effect in the bottom half. The coat has a dress-like appearance with its skirt, and I found that it made me look slightly bigger than normal on the bottom. If you are a fan of voluminous clothing, you will like the generous bottom portion.

Finishing and Details

The buttons on the Rainy Day Trench are brown plastic, oversized and definitely easy to close. There are hidden extra-large snaps to use as a closure system along the waist, which was an unexpected touch. I found myself not using the snaps, which are quite fiddly, instead using the button closure.

Besides the snaps, which I thought should have been mentioned in the product description, I thought that the coat was superbly constructed and can easily be incorporated into a spring/summer wardrobe.


As I mentioned before, I would size up on this coat if you have heavier arms. While I reviewed the coat in an olive color, there is also one in navy, available up to size 30. The trench, $195 at Igigi, is proving its worth as a staple garment and is quickly selling out in many sizes.

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