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Want to Be a Plus-Size Model?


These plus ladies know they have the goods to be plus-size models! Take a look at their contributions below.

1. Socanna, Michelle & Keisha

"I'd love to be a plus-size model, simply to show the world that you can be comfortable and happy no matter what size you are. Beauty is in everyone and it doesn't have to be in a size 0 pair of jeans. I'd love to show the world that beauty is only skin deep". -Socanna

"Arriving at the halfway mark of my life has inspired me to explore new possibilities. I have always been interested in modeling but knew that my size could be a barrier to the pursuit of this ambition. I now see it as a possibility, and I endeavor to make it a reality. I am excited to find what is ahead as I take steps to this end." -Michelle

"I'm so thick but, very very sexy at the same time. I have self-motivation with the thickest confidence you could ever believe. My curves make heads turn every where I go, and not to forget my fabulous sense of fashion. I'm on top of the cake ;-)." -Keisha

2. Terrolann W.

"I am 19, and as a young woman, I feel there are not enough plus size models embracing how beautiful our bodies are. There's this one image on TV everyone wants. But in my eyes, I feel we are all fine as h*ll, so why not embrace it more to show our young women there's nothing wrong with being yourself?

You should love the way you look, no matter what people say. I want to be the one to embrace this across the world. There's nothing wrong with our curves at all, baby! Let us shine... I think our curves look much better than the images everyone sees on TV. I want to show people that we are just as fine as the models on TV, and we have style, too. I have so many ideas for when I become a plus-size model. The world is going to look at plus-size women in a whole new way, and everyone is going to love it. I am 5"11. I weigh 260, and I love my body and the way I look. I know for sure when I make it all other plus size when will love the way they look too!"


3. Bounce Ounce

"I may be 47, but I do not really look my age. I am shapely from the hips down, and I am photogenic, especially with makeup. I have a natural sex appeal. I am top-heavy and 5"2, but I still think I have what it takes to become a plus-sized model. I am a size sixteen, motivated, smart and willing to do what I have to do as far as training and getting started to model. I have a great smile and my personality is sensual [and] sexy. I have the most gorgeous natural eyes that pop and people are always asking me [if] they are contacts. I know that I can make the right agency that is willing to invest a lot of money if given the chance. I am also disciplined, which is an important quality for modeling, I feel."

4. Anysa

"Hi, I'm 23 years old, and I stand at about 5'4. I wear jeans size 14-16. I think I have great curves! I have always wanted to know what it would be like to be a plus-size model and to get the experience to be made up the right way, and to finally feel beautiful for the size that I am. And I'm willing to show the world my amazing features and to let plus-size women know that we can be just as pretty and flawless as a skinny model. Becoming a plus-size model will boost my confidence and would help me stop hiding my true shape. I would love this opportunity more than anything in the world! All I ask for is a chance for people to see the real me [...] and set a positive influence for other plus-size women looking to do the same!"

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