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Simply Be Reviews


I do love to hear what you have to say, and in this case, you're saying loud and clear that Simply be should probably make a few changes. Let's hear it for some honesty!

1. Questions About Returns (Jaleelah)

"Wow, two years since the original article, and this stuff is still happening with them! Here’s my story:

I made a purchase on Cyber Monday and a couple of hours later I had buyers' remorse. I contacted their customer service to see if they could cancel the order, and I was told that, because it was shipping from the UK, once you ordered, you can’t cancel. They did, however, tell me that when the package arrived, I could contact them and they’d issue me a return label that I would not have to pay for. I appreciated that.

I knew it would take awhile for the package to get to me and it did. I returned it immediately, and it arrived at their U.S. office or whatever on December 18th. They offer tracking, but its of no use because once its out of the US, you have no idea what’s going on!

About three weeks later, I called to see where my refund was, and I was told it wouldn’t be refunded until everything reached the U.K. office. Not sure how long that will take. It's over 5 WEEKS since my return arrived at the U.S. office and still no word of my refund!

It's a shame — they seem to have great stuff, but it's just not worth all the hassle. I definitely second the accolades for ASOS. I’ve had MUCH better experiences with them."

2. Not Bad At All (Keri)

"I read the reviews on this site and other sites after I had already made a purchase. I was definitely worried that I was about to undergo a nightmare of a situation. However, I have to say that my experience wasn’t bad at all. The communication isn’t the best, i.e. vague shipping information. However, I received my order in full with no customs issues in about 3 weeks. I understand shipping from overseas can be different, so I didn’t consider the shipping time to be a big deal. The clothes were very cute and decent quality for the (sale) price. I sort of feel like I dodged a bullet. However, if I had not read the reviews, I would have rated my experience as positive one. I will give SimplyBe the benefit of the doubt and order from them in the future if there is a great item that I must have. I don’t think I will be placing large orders, though, just in case."

3. Thanks for the Warning (Sue)

"I am grateful to all you ladies who put your experiences online. You just saved me going through the same. I was going to spend $400 in pants. Now I'm not going to buy from here. I am in Canada and find it difficult to find pants that fit me. Anyone have suggestions on where to get good pants that fit big-legged ladies? Again, big thanks for warning the rest of us."

4. Seriously?! (Karen)

"SimplyBe have absolutely appalling customer service. Snarky, nasty phone reps who take no responsibility for their couriers and deliveries.

I bought a jacket.. quite an expensive one and both pockets ripped out within a week. They did not want a return and were patronizing.

They are going to bomb in the U.S… I cannot expect Americans will put up with that kind of customer service mistreatment."

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