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Simply Be Comments, Part II


I do love to hear what you have to say, and in this case, you're saying loud and clear that Simply be should probably make a few changes. Let's hear it for some honesty -- whether it's good or not.

1. Musings on the "Hot New Commodity" (Erika)

"We are the new hot commodity – the plus-size dollars. Out of 40 comments, I counted less than a handful of positive ones. We need to stop supporting companies with our hard-earned NOT INDUSTRY RESPECTED dollar. We also need to tell everyone else we know not to support them. Then we need huge and loud blog posts saying the same. Then we need a local news station to cover theirmishandling of our funds (especially for the people who have to pay customs fees – WHO can afford that in this day and age?!??!). Then and only then will we see positive results.

Sidebar: I think too many plus size bloggers are getting sent stuff for free and are giving rave reviews. They are telling us to go and support these brands like simple be. That’s alarming as well!

Lastly, the quality doesn't even support the headache. In about 98% of the posts here, the quality of clothes was lacking.

Come on ladies, Simply Be may be bad, but WE have to do better!

Shoot, invest in a sewing machine and make your own clothes before suffering through this mess!"

2. Was the Deal Worth It? (Lori)

"I ordered from Simply Be for the first time this month (12/2012). I didn’t check the shipping policies/procedures beforehand because I wasn’t in a rush to receive the item. However, after Googling for shipping info, I was directed to this site and became increasingly agitated after reading so many horror stories. I was distressed at the possibility of paying unknown customs duties, at never receiving the item, or having issues returning an item that didn’t meet my expectations.

I ordered on Mon., Dec. 10th in the evening around 7 p.m. I received an email on Thurs., Dec. 13th telling me the item had shipped. I didn’t expect it to arrive before Christmas, but again, I didn’t need it right away. This morning (Tues., Dec. 25th) I looked outside and sitting on the porch was a package. I knew it had to be from SimplyBe since we hadn’t ordered anything else recently. I can’t believe I didn’t have to pay any customs fees. I don’t know who delivered it. We were at home all day and night yesterday, so if it was FedEx or UPS, they sure didn’t ring the bell. And our mail was delivered earlier in the day and again, there was nothing on the porch yesterday.

So, after all the dread and fear, I must say I’m impressed. It hasn’t been 10 business days and I’ve already received my package. It’s a striped sweater poncho that I’d been craving for several weeks. I got it on extreme discount (it was $69, but I got it for $41 on sale and used a coupon that gave me 30% off AND free shipping!). My total was like $37 and change. The material is soft, the sweater appears to be of good quality. I’ll have to wait and see how it launders (hand wash only). But I am willing to give them another chance since they provided good shipping on this first purchase."

3. Satisfied (Jen)

"I have ordered several times from Simply Be since Spring 2012. My two sundresses arrived in less than two weeks, were well-made, and always bring compliments. Several items were ordered in Fall. They were delivered in a timely fashion, I think, but I didn’t need them by a specific date. The colors were beautiful, but certain fabrics were a bit weird (padded and felt like foam rubber). I kept a few garments and returned the rest. No problems with returns! In fact, I received a call from a representative, regarding reissuing a credit from spring. I would not hesitate to order from this company, based on my prior experiences with them. As with any mail order retailer, try to order well in advance of when you may actually wear the items."

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