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Love Yourself: A Feel-Good Feature


Do you have a favorite feature: your hair, your legs, or your skin? We're getting together in a good old-fashioned "praise thyself" session. You're the best, babe! So fun to see what you guys have to say.

1. Admiration in Hindsight

"I love the way I look. I'm thick and sexy. I have nice, big full breasts and a nice shapely ass. I have the prettiest big lips, and my eyes are beautiful. I have the best button nose. I'm so beautiful and proud to be a BBW." - Sheeila


"I love my butt, because it doesn't look like cottage cheese, thank god. It's like curved perfectly, and my eyes are amazing." - Ali

2. Very Specific Appreciation

"It's not easy to love an apple shape with skinny legs, but I have small feet and tapered slim ankles. I would make a good foot and ankle model." - Ali

"I have to say I lOVE my hips. They are lovely and curvy :)" - EvilNubia

"[My breasts] are fresh and plump. I feel sexy, and I show them off a little. My legs, also -- they are cute and curvy. My face is generally smooth and fair." - Pinky

3. Words of Appreciation

"I love that I think...I love business, fashion and politics. I am grateful I have common sense and accept my size and love wearing beautiful Doncaster clothes! After all, I'm worth it!" - MaryAnn

"I like my DDDs, which make my waist look smaller, my hips, and my curvy legs. AND my Betty Boop lips!"- Emme

"Like boutique.larrieux, I like my calves, especially in heels. Otherwise, I like the shape of my lips." - Etaureau

4. Toes, Curves, and Eyes

"1. My size 7 feet, because I can always find a cute shoe in my size. 2. My breasts because, well, just because... ;-) 3. My face, because it is generally smooth with very few winkles. 4. My smile and my teeth -- white, straight, and genuine." - BrooklynShoeBabe

"I love every curve on my body, but the things I love most are my sexy eyes, my chest, and my hips!" — Guest Holly

"I have curves that go on forever! There is no mistaking the hourglass in my figure. I'm a wider version of the classic brick house, and the wider part doesn't even falter my stride. Va-voom!" — Tish

"I spend a lot of time looking at my feet in the summer, so I'll go with that. I love to decorate my toes with polish and show them off in sandals." — BigGirlBlue

5. Boots and More Boots!

"Hi! I love my long neck and decollage. I do believe many plus size women can wear skinny jeans as many have gorgeous proportioned legs. I, however, do not, so I stick to my boot cut and flares! Love em! A nice straight leg works nice with a pair of wide calf boots over top, of course!" - Tontotito

6. Calves and Assets

"Especially when I put on a heel, the muscle has nice definition to it!" — boutique.larrieux

"Let's see - I have great lips, strong legs and shoulders, but I must say my greatest assest are my 'twins'! As for skinny jeans - I think the work best on the hourglass/proportional girls." — Guest Neece

"Small butt, straight thighs... it makes my A-Line skirts flatter and my butt not stick out and allows me to wear skinny g-strings...lol" — Guest tplusf

"My breasts are my best feature and my legs also! Especially in a pair of 4 or 5" stilettos." - Sharinette

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