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Best of User Answers 2012


A little retrospective in light of the New Year... I celebrate by looking back at the best of YOU!

1. A Wish from a Would-Be Model

I always struggled with my weight and hated myself for it. I had the aim to be really slim like all the high Fashion models... But I realized that wouldn't be me, just like it wouldn't be me to be to overweight. I aim to have a cute, womanly figure and with that I want to show the World that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who doesn't let herself ruled by this stupid media, a woman who is confident, successfull, healthy and still can enjoy food and life.

2. Wake Up!

You know, it's about time we ladies realize that we are beautiful, just as we are.. Not when we lose those 20 lbs, but NOW.. As in right now! Frankly, we can't afford to waste our lives waiting for those around us to accept who we are, or what we look like.. It's time to escape the shackles of societal standards.. Instead, why not create our own standards?? Each one, like a piece of clay, molded for the individual.. Too long have we let others do the molding for us.. It's time for us to pick up that piece of clay and have at it, so to speak.. Fore, like clay, we are only pliable for so long, so we must make the most of it.. And that is why I wish to be a plus size model.. We live in a world where we are constantly told we do not fit the standard, that we're not good enough.. But if I can be a role model that breaks the mold and inspires someone to believe that the only mold they need to fit is their own, than that will always be good enough for me.. As we know, beauty is only skin dee

3. Fighting Back

People call me fatty, tubby and all of those horrible names. But I'm taking a stand and I believe that my body is beautiful. I might be a size 26, but that isn't ugly. What's inside someone is ugly. The way they speak, their personality. I have it all, the looks, the personality and the curve. I love my body and myself and I just want everyone to feel like a million dollars, because everyone is worth it.

4. On Working Out and Feeling Good

This July I started. I wanted to do CrossFit but it was a little too intense for a beginner so I started working with a trainer, mostly focusing on barbell lifts. I also do mobility work on my own and bike to work. I eat paleo most of the time but certainly eat off-road on occasion, mostly Asian or Mexican food with the occasional gluten free goodie :) I'm 43 and had back, knee and shoulder problems. I feel SO MUCH BETTER than I have in a very long time. Now that I've done it, I can't imagine not feeling this way for the rest of my life.

5. African Goddess Speaks Up

I am 23yrs 5ft 3in with the body of an African queen. Ever since I was young I struggled with insecurity coz I thought I was fat and therefore ugly, but ever since embracing all my 'imperfections', the world seems beautiful. Insanity is genius an to me everything that is out of the normal is appealing. People unlike coke bottles should never be two alike. I see a world with women all shapes and sizes embracing diversity and would not have it any other way.That' s the way I feel and wanna share it with every little girl who feels they must change their appearance to be considered beautiful. Guess what u already are just change your perception.

6. Wedding Dress Musing

I am absolutely agreed that shipping for wedding dress can be very stressful. Every women in standard or Plus Size has unique figure and not many of us lucky to have a great proportions like models. Many of our customers choosing break rules of classic one piece wedding dress and using corsets as a top piece that can be easy combine with skirt or pants for great stylish look. I think that underbust corset gives unlimited possibilities to use long sleeve lace or light fabric top of your choice to create great duo and show your personality and style. Recently I wrought a blog Bridal Corsets for Wedding Day where I discussed advantages of Corsets as Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Dresses with more shopping tips.

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