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Quotes: Plus-Size Modeling Hopefuls Speak Up


Actually, one of these contributions is a rare addition -- a declaration that she wouldn't want to be a model! Let's raise a glass to a lady who knows what she wants.

1. I Want to Be a Model!

"I am 19, and as a young woman, I feel there are not enough plus size models embracing how beautiful our bodies are. There's this one image on TV everyone wants. But in my eyes, I feel we are all fine as h*ll, so why not embrace it more to show our young women there's nothing wrong with being yourself?

You should love the way you look, no matter what people say. I want to be the one to embrace this across the world. There's nothing wrong with our curves at all, baby! Let us shine... I think our curves look much better than the images everyone sees on TV. I want to show people that we are just as fine as the models on TV, and we have style, too. I have so many ideas for when I become a plus-size model. The world is going to look at plus-size women in a whole new way, and everyone is going to love it. I am 5"11. I weigh 260, and I love my body and the way I look. I know for sure when I make it all other plus size when will love the way they look too!"


2. Show the Big Girls How It's Done

"I want to be a plus-size model because I am big, beautiful and want to show all the low self-esteem girls how it's done... I want to walk in God's grace [and] let the word see beauty comes in all shape and sizes. Just 'cause you're big, life does not stop, so I am here to show you where it begins. I am confident , bold , happy -- a beautiful, big women. Yeah, that's me. I love me some me, and I love showing off fashion. Give me a chance to represent our big beautiful sistas with a smile, hard work, beauty, and grace!"


3. It's Always Been A Dream!

"Plus-size modeling has been my dream for a long time. I want to get out there and show young women that they don't have to be ashamed of their big beautiful bodies. For a long time, I struggled with self confidence. Only by God's hand did he allow me to see my self-worth. So now I ask for the opportunity to help all young plus-size women like me. Thank you for your time."

-C. Miller

4. Actually, No Thanks!

"Since the whole purpose of being a model is to SHOWCASE THE CLOTHES... and NOT to be the focus of attention, I would NOT like to be one (isn't it lucky, that i can't be disappointed [about] this????!!!!). Models are supposed to, even plus-sized ones, fit within certain parameters... height and general body size (though, plus-sized models are, [due to] necessity, larger than straight 'haute couture' models...

But, these days, isn't a 'plus-sized' model normally around a size 10 or 12 misses, much like that haute coutures, who wear 00? These women are at the tiny end of the 'plus' spectrum... so that they can be effective clothes hangers."


5. Size and Fun

"I see pretty women in all shapes and sizes. I choose not to limit myself based on what SOMEONE else thinks is beautiful. I am an open-minded person. Though I will never be skinny, it doesn't bother me one bit. I embrace what I have and feel beautiful on the inside which exudes out. I smile when my friends who are smaller than me kill themselves to look a certain way. It's sad really. But for me, I choose to work out to be healthy and shapely. All the work in the world won't make you a better person if your [insides] are not. [...] I also want to encourage younger girls before they have to go through the heartache and pain to love themselves first."

-Classy Chic

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