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User Answer Collection - Updated


Need some advice regarding plus-size fashions and modeling? I've whipped up an easy list of tips and tricks from readers. I love your advice, and I welcome your advice on any linked user answer like here!

1. What Season Inspires You?

Spring in California, says Guest Brittny!

"I start pulling out my maxi sun dresses in mid-March and it's heaven! It's still cool enough to pair them with a cute cardigan if needed, and warm enough to wear some adorable peep-toe wedges."

2. What Season Inspires You?

"leather, blazers, capes, sweaters, tights, the 'chilly' but NOT cold weather wear. i love to match up a blazer, silk scarf and sweater top with a skirt or jeans... with a turtleneck, or cowlneck sweater, and GO! i wear pantyhose (so, if i'm the only one, who cares??) and while i've worn them when it's 100 degrees, i prefer the cooler weather... real shoes, not sandals or flipflops... i love the brisk weather, i love the colors of autumn - deep greens, browns, rusts, golds, black, burgundy... and with my fair skin and auburn hair, they suit me very well!!"

3. Do You Wear 18-Hour Bras by Playtex?

Jdturan gives her advice!

"I have worn the old style #20 for years and years and years...with the regular straps - not those wide jobs. Love, love, love them!"

4. Plus-Size Modeling Hopes

Guest Whitney's working hard.

"I have always been bigger my whole life. Ive always been interested in being a plus size model. I know I am beautiful the way I am and I know I could do this is I set my mind to it. Im so into fashion. Im a hairstylist. Im 20 and I would love to be a part of the modeling world to let other girls know it is okay to be comfortable in their own skin. It took me years to get to the point that Im at because people teased me so much growing up. But Im sucessful and I will never give up this dream."

5. About Plus Women of Color

Ms. Harrison theorizes about race and size.

"I am an African woman, in my experience as a 20-sized black woman,especially when dealing with men. Many black men seem to like big woman. Black men are comfortable with our size, because their mothers are usually plus size also."

6. About Plus-Size Women of Color

Guest Carol talks about her curves..."

"In my experience as a 20-sized white woman, it seems true that it's less acceptable to be a plus-sized white woman, especially when dealing with men. Many black men seem to look at me and approach me with a demeanor that makes me feel desirably-sized. Whereas white men always seem to approach the trimmest women. The white guys look me up and down like they're looking at a piece of meat, and when they don't pursue any (or much) conversation with me, I feel so insulted. That's really what has happened to me!"

7. About Plus-Size Coats

Gaby gives a tip...

"Hey all...gotta tell you about this place where I got my plus-size coat for under $30...http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Coat-and-Jacket-Clearance-UK... Really beautiful plus-size coat and so so cheap!! This guy's in england so you have to wait a bit but totally worth it! Gaby x"

8. About Inspiration

"My fashion icons involve normal people I see on the street, through magazines, fashion blogs and celebrities - Jennifer Hudson, America Ferrera, Nicole Ritchie..."

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