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Plus-Size User Answer Advice: Shopping, Styling, and Modeling


I do love my plus-size user answer advice! User answers are set up so anyone can submit responses to questions about style, fashion, modeling, and more. It's great fun to page through, but it can be tricky finding all the user answers scattered on the site. Have no fear; they're all here for your reading pleasure.

1. Best Buy Ever - Guest M.

I bought Cacique panties and bras from an online company and got an amazing deal. The fit is incredible.

2. Best Buy Ever, II - Guest G.

I recently purchased some fantastic jeggings from OneStopPlus.com. The fit is amazing, & they offer several styles & an amazing number of colors. (I love the dark wash). They had a BOGO sale, plus a 40% coupon offer ... I got 4 pairs for a little under $100!!! I just absolutely love these & recommend them to all my friends. (As a serious bonus, I was able to order 2 sizes smaller so that made the deal feel all the better!)

3. Plus and Pregnant - Guest N.

"About a year after our last child was born, a very kind-hearted, older member threw her arms around me, 'Oh how wonderful, you're expecting again.' I laughed and said, 'No Sister Tonie, I'm just fat.' She was so embarrassed, and no one else in the group ever mentioned the episode. Honesty without anger has stood me in good stead over the years. It's easy to recognize the truly honest error from the snakebite. We all know what to do about snakes; avoid them."

4. Plus and Pregnant, II - Guest L.

"My mother and I gave my sister a baby shower. A cousin who hadn't seen my sister or I very often spotted me first an offered her congratulations. It was a very hot summer day, so I can't blame it on a coat. I guess that it was sort of a mixture of annoying and depressing to me. Not that I was mistaken for my sister (she is gorgeous), but because my cousin leapt to the conclusion that I was the Mother-To-Be because I was a plus size."

5. Your Fashion Icon- Guest Q.

mine are Taylor Swift, Grace Kelly, Crystal Reed, Cate Blanchett. I love very classic stuff. I can go preppy or ethereal as long as it's modest and feminine! Taylor is prolly my favorite though; I'm not a fan but she has a GREAT figure, naturally skinny and athletic so I can relate to her. She's healthy and 10x more confident than people like Kim Kardashian or Scarlett Johansson.

6. Knowing Your Own Style - Guest Blujay

Diane Keaton & Madonna. Both wear what they like & look good in. They respect themselves enough to come "real" with fashion. Neither fits a mold on style. Neither is afraid to take risk. India Ire, Monique, Erykah Badu, Annie Lennox, Joanie Michell all bring Personal Style to everything they do. And they look Great doing it. I wear a wp 20/22 I love hats & caps. I'm still searching for a great pr.of Dark Blue Jeans that are comfortable & fit my body correctly When I buy a new piece I have fashion shows in my bedroom; mixing pieces so that I know what works with what. I ignore numbers on the tags & go for a great fit.I work from a core of classic pieces & try to buy things that will go with whatever I already have. I accent with accessories in the current fav. colors.I buy only what I know I will wear. Nail polish in the trend colors are a quick pick me up are and a cheap way to incorporate the latest colors into yr wardrobe. I Luv Old Navy online.

7. Wide Summer Shoes - Guest E.

Dansko makes some really excellent, comfortable sandals. They take a bit of getting used to, but once you break them in, they're a pleasure to walk in. They have a slight platform and heel, so they do for your legs what heels do, without the foot problems!

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