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1. Aspiring Plus-Size Model

"I feel I have what it takes to make it in the modeling industry and Im ready to take my career to the next level but with you alls help of course! I want to show women and young girls you dont have to be a size 6 to be beautiful or even sexy! Show them that there are women of color that can be successful in this field! I also know that modeling isnt just about a pretty face but how well you can sell a product! I just want the opportunity to show yall that I can be an asset to the company! I have a killer runway walk and Im ready to introduce myself to the world!!!"

2. Helping Plus Girls Go Green

Hi there, Heyfatty.com.au sells great recycled plus size clothes. PS agree with Victoria re chemicals

3. Worst Shopping Experience

I ordered a black taffeta skirt which cost me $69.00...the courier asked for $40.00 duty and tax before he would give me the package! We Canadians get royally screwed when it comes to duty and tax...even by American online retailers...and here I thought we had a "free trade" agreement between the two countries! So I look for online retailers who charge no duty or tax on my purchases! Funny thing, my government (postal service) has never charged me any duty or tax on any of my purchases - and I am always shopping online!

4. Plus-Size Fashion Mistakes

i read a lot of these comments, some are a lil out there. Being plus size is a harder way to live, but, not impossible and we are all beautiful. We need to feel good about ourselves first. Look at yourself and know you are beautiful. Apply what makes YOU happy and comfortable, Not how Others want to see you as in their own fashionable minds but Only your Own. I know if i cared about how people think about me just walking down the street or at a park or a movie or where ever i was, id feel very ugly about myself, and then envy others, I know cause i am big, I used to be 439lbs, now i weigh 297lbs, When i finally looked at myself in the mirror and started to look for things that i like, I started slowly enjoying and liking other things about myself. Now i Love who i am and i want better for myself even more. I do not envy skinny girls anymore nor do i think myself is ugly either. You should learn to love yourself. if there is something that you dont like or love, shape it to what you wil

5. Plus-Size Shopping Change

I am absolutely agreed that shopping for wedding dress can be very stressful. Every women in standard or Plus Size has unique figure and not many of us lucky to have a great proportions like models. Many of our customers choosing break rules of classic one piece wedding dress and using corsets as a top piece that can be easy combine with skirt or pants for great stylish look. I think that underbust corset gives unlimited possibilities to use long sleeve lace or light fabric top of your choice to create great duo and show your personality and style. Recently I wrought a blog Bridal Corsets for Wedding Day where I discussed advantages of Corsets as Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Dresses with more shopping tips.

6. Aspiring Plus Model

To show the world that being bigger and a bit curvier is a wonderful thing

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